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The Weeley Festival.
Clacton On Sea . Essex.
August 27th-29th 1971.

  Weeley program.

Van Der Graaf Generator.

After two changes of personnel since the inception ot the group in 1968,Van Der Graaf Generator have built an enormous following amongst progressive fans in the United Kingdom. A galaxy of sound emits from the basic organ /sax/drums line up, belying comparisons on the current British rockcircuit - and Peter Hammill's songs sung by him with a profound sense of involvement, complement the superb music from the rest of the group.

PETER HAM ILL: lead singer /acoustic guitar : piano. GUY EVANS:drums. HUGH BANTON:organ DAVE JACKSON:reeds and flutes.


    Individually born into suburban London's Shepherd's Bush and Notting. Hill in the materialistic boom of the Fifties, Stephen Gadd, Derek Bromham, Gary Giles and Richard Cole became Stray:a violent answer, born out of the boredom of Secondary Modern School days and suburban street nights. Four working class brats who at the age of sixteen had nothing but their creative talent with which to react against their environment (they played the Middle Earth while still at school). They are still very young but have moved far beyond the general milieu in rock music by combining visual elements which are often ignored by other groups.

    Their conditioning has been the space age, materialism and television -that invisible environment that today's youth grows up in. Using banks of flashing lights perfectly manipulated to follow the twists and turns of the music (as if the music were a sound track for the light show) to highlight the group's physical performance, the lights become nearly as compelling as the music itself-and the music is compelling-sometimes too much so !


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