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The Weeley Festival.
Clacton On Sea . Essex.
August 27th-29th 1971.

  Weeley program.

Curved Air

WITH a wealth of musical experience behind them, a lot of creative energy between them, much hustling to one-nighters and just a little hype, Curved Air couldn't really help but make it. Make it they did, and their first album was probably one ot the best last year. Probably the greatest reason Curved Air are making such a big impact on the music world is that they have between them a highly unusual, not to mention unlikely, musical background. Ian Eyre, the bassist, has come up the hard way, so to speak, having played in various semi-pro rock bands in the past, which he'd rather forget about. Darryl Way studied the violin for a year at the Royal College,

Francis Monkman took up the guitar just before he was due to take his degree at the Royal Academy of Music where he studied piano and harpsichord. Drummer Florian Pilkington-Miksa was educated at Eton and went to art college for a while, and vocalist Sonja Kristina used to sing in "Hair" and turned down an offer to sing with the Strawbs just before she met the band. Although Curved Air's music has strong classical overtones, they are very much against the idea of trying to fuse rock and classics.

Mott The Hoople

MOTT The Hoople ARE rock music.Whether it be a medley of songs by the masters of 1950s stamping stuff, or the tight, crisp but nonetheless heavy music they themselves write and have recorded to date.Owing to the recent ban on them by the Royal Albert Hallenforced after their successful concert when fans, in their excitement, caused two boxes to collapse the Dome at Brighton and the Albert Hall at Nottingham (fearing for the structure of their buildings), have decided to follow the Royal Albert Hall's example and cancel Mott the Hoople's concerts, which were scheduled for August.Consequently Mott the Hoople have decided to hire a Caraivari the latest glass fibre mobile theatre with a capacity for 2,000 fans !

At Weeley.

Mott The Hoople's set from Weeley is available as an audience recording
(60-ish minutes). BUT we do NOT have a copy .

MTH were scheduled for 9-10:30 PM on the 28th, but were "still waiting to go on" at 12:30 AM on the 29th.

Songs: The Moon Upstairs, Angel of 8th Avenue, Long Red, Walkin' With A
Mountain, The Journey, Ohio, Thunderbuck Ram, Rock and Roll Queen, Keep A Knockin'.


Personnel: Ian Hunter, Mick Ralphs, Verden Allen, Overend Watts, Dale Griffin.

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