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The Weeley Festival.
Clacton On Sea . Essex.
August 27th-29th 1971.

  Weeley program.

Stone The Crows.

"WITHOUT a doubt one of the biggest names that will emerge this year" is what Melody Maker had to say about Stone the Crows.

The five members of the band—Les Harvey on guitar, Steve Thompson on bass and vocals, Colin Allen on drums, organist/pianist Ronnie Leahy (keyboards) and lead singer Maggie Bell—produce a mixture of sophistication and good old down home funk that's unique and, more to the point, satisfying. Maggie, a warm and startlingly natural lady, is the one who, being so unmistakably up front, tends to capture the initial attention. Writers have compared her with Janis Joplin, which appears to be a bit unfair on Maggie, who seems to me to be less hystericai and altogether much more subtly expressive while lacking not an ounce of Janis' power and intensity. Maggie herself goes for Laura Nyro—"a beautiful singer and a fantastic musician"—and Aretha Franklin.


    With one record out already, the group's second album will be in the shops during September. Stone the Crows have already made one trip to the States, where their album entered the charts. "It didn't get a bad review anywhere," said a cheerful Maggie confidently

Natural Acoustic Band

    THREE people from Glasgow with words and music of their own—that's the Natural Acoustic Band. For Krysia Kocjan (17), Robin Thine (20) and Tom Hoy (21 ) believe implicitly in their own music and only occasionally make any con-cession to anyone else's. KRYSIA ( pronounced Kree-sha) has been singing for years and writes a high percentage of the group's material. She captures in words, and an incredible vocal range, what many people have tried for years to do. TOM plays guitar and writes the more commercial of the group's material. Like "Learning to Live" and "All I Want is Your Love" which have already received praise from various sources including Melody Maker. ROBIN plays guitar, re-corders, bongos, skulls and Glockenspiel with equal equanimity. His skill in being able to adapt to so many instruments gives a variety that many groups will envy. Together they make a sound that is very much their own. And their appearances on TV, radio and concert (with, among others, Fairport Convention and Roy Harper), just serve to enhance their reputation. For a spell they had a double bass player but he left to further his University career. So they're back to their original line-up. And happy with it.

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