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The Weeley Festival.
Clacton On Sea . Essex.
August 27th-29th 1971.

  Weeley program

Grease Band.

   When a band is signed to a recording contract worth half a-million dollars before they've ever appeared together live on stage than you don't have to be any sort of schoiar to realise that the band in question must have "a whole lot going for them." A wide range of musical experience and the musical maturity that only comes with experience are two important qualities that the Grease Band have "going for them." They also have a rare magic in their music :the kind of rare magic that induces hardened record company executives to offer huge financial rewards in return for signatures . Henry McCullough, Bruce Rowland and Alan Spenner have proved what gifted and exciting musicians they were when in 1969 they helped Joe Cocker on two incredibly successful American tours. In the summer of 1970 ,together with ex-Juicy Lucy guitarist Neil Hubbard —they again produced their magic as the hub of the "Jesus Christ Superstar!" album.

     At the beginning of 1971 Henry, Bruce, Alan and Neil emerged from the obscurity of rehearsals and recording studios with a self-penned L.P., did a two month U.S. tour and a pleasing record deal negotiated on both sides of the Atlantic by manager Nigel Thomas. Not a bad start for a band who made their live debut appearance at London's Royal Albert Hall in February with Leon Russell. "When the split with Joe came in February we none of us knew exactly what we were going to do—we only knew that we wanted to stay together," explained Henry. "Both Bruce and Alan had been with Neil jn the Wynder K Frog band and when he left Juicy Lucy we asked him to join us. We rehearsed together throughout the summer and worked together on the "Jesus Christ Superstar" album. Since then we've spent a lot of time in the studios work-ing on our own album—Alan and I had written all the tracks except for one. "It's difficult to label your own music . . I suppose it's rock 'n' roll—funky rather than heavy."

This then is the Grease Band—Henry McCullough, lead guitar and vocals; Bruce Rowlands, drums; Alan Spenner, bass guitar and Neil Hubbard, guitar—a lot of experience, a lot of ability.

The Faces.

"An infectious dynamism that makes them impossible to ignore" . . . that's one appraisal of "The Faces."

   The "current" is generated RONNIE LANE, one of the-founder members of the-"Small Faces" in 1966, along with Kenny Jones and lan McLagan . Then aged 18; Ronnie, with Steve Marriott wrote a string of hit songs which rocketed the "Small Faces" to international fame. Ronnie is also a very fine bass player, but there is little doubt that his writing ability forms his major ambition. RONNIE WOOD, aged 23 has been involved in music since the day he was born. His brother Art, created one of the top biues groups in the country (Artwoods) and Ron' has been involved with many top groups. "Birds" and "Creation" were better known in Europe than here but with the "Jeff Beck" group Ror! really made it both here and in the States, where he became known as "Good Looking" Wood . Now with the "Faces" Ron has switched from bass to guitar and is emerging as one of the finest guitarists on the scene today.


 At 25, ROD STEWART must figure among the finest blues singers in the world. Rod spent eight years singing his heart out in England with SUC'h fine groups as "John Baldry's Hoochie .Ęoochie Men" and "Steam Packet" without achiev-ing his just recognition. Then he joined Jeff Beck and went to America, and people began to sit up and take notice. KENNY JONES, 21-year-old drummer with the "Faces" began his musical career at 17as drummer with the "Small Faces." Although young and inexperienced, he soon gained a reputation among other group drummers for his excellent drum sound on record. No longer so young, and with four years experience behind him, he should soon find himself among the top drummers on the scene.

IAN McLAGAN, 24, commonly known as "Mac" is the third surviving member of the "Small Faces." A self-taught pianist and organist, his first professional experience was with a group called "Boz People." Recognised as a fine musician, Mac is often asked to play on sessions and can be heard on many a hit record. This, then is the composition of the "Faces." Words alone cannot begin to describe their music. For, as someone once said "Music begins where words end off "


"Maybe I’m Amazed," "Country Comfort," "When Will I Be Loved," "All Over Now," "Plynth" and "Gasolene Alley" "Maggie May,""Losing You"


"Feel So Good" "Real Good Time" "Every Picture Tells A Story."

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