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The Weeley Festival.
Clacton On Sea . Essex.
August 27th-29th 1971.

  Weeley program.

Rory Gallagher .

    Rory spent the early months of this year laying the foundations for a new band to continue where Taste left off. With fellow Irishmen Wilgar Campbell on drums and Gerry McAvoy on bass backing Rory, he made his first album in February and March at Advision studios. With Vincent Crane of Atomic Rooster playing piano on a couple of tracks, the album, simply entitled "Rory Gallagher" gives a wider picture of his talents than previously. Taste's asset was its ability to generate an enormous physical excitement,- to which the new album adds depth and subtlety. Taste made two albums, called "Taste" and "On The Boards"—the title being a reminder that Taste had built up their huge following entirely on the strength of their volcanic live appearances—and shortly after the band finally broke up, "Live Taste," recorded at Montreux, was released and made the charts.

   Rory is happy. A trip to America is in the air, probably late this year—the last time he went it was with Taste, who found themselves playing only to vast stadium crowds as part of the Biind Faith tour—this time he wants to get to more of the smaller clubs.He has changed since Taste, Rory says, "With a new line-up and a new bunch of songs certainly, but for better or worse I'm still recognisable. As far as style goes, I don't like playing twelve-bars all the time—the blues field goes right from Charlie Patton to Lowell Fulson, and my aim is to play the blues well and feel them



ON consists of: Peter Bardens, organ and vocals ,Reg Isadore, drums; John Owen, bass, Vic Linton, guitar. Peter Bardens has had one solo album "The Answer" released by Transatlantic Records which was also released in USA, Germany, France, Holiand, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and South Africa.. To provide their unique brand of heavy exciting rhythmic music ON have equipment including a new Hammond C3 organ with a 90 watt Leslie, 600 watt P.A with 16 channel mixers, and Fender fuzz boxes

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