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The Weeley Festival.
Clacton On Sea . Essex.
August 27th-29th 1971.

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Amongst the line-up for this band were Stewart and Colin Goldring.

The band are still going apparently, and have a photo of their Weeley appearance on an album of a 1972 live concert.

Stewart recently sent us this message :

Hi All,

Stewart Elliott Goldring of Gnidrolog. Thanks for the memories - I can hardly remember that much so I must have been there! [ if you see what i mean.]  Still playing after all these years - so is Colin. Gnidrolog reformed in 2000 to make a new album called Gnosis which has had some nice reviews. Gnidrolog have a website at
All the best to everyone who was there.

Tir Na Nog

     Sonny Condell and Leo O'Kelly came to London from Ireland twelve months ago with the intention of pursuing a recording career. They had both recorded beforeŃSonny for Song Records in Dublin and Leo with the Emmett Spiceland Folk Group. They felt that in London they might get the opportunity to make the kind of records that they wanted to make. They began with acoustic guitars and occasionally bongos or tablas to play and sing "floor spots" at various London folk clubs, like the Troubador and St. Martins in the Fields and in a very short time began to get bookings at colleges and clubs all over the country. So they continue, defying categories in their own inimitable fashion, joking with audiences, record companies, agents and stray Irishmen. Their songs reflect unique and some times hard hitting tones , but always directly. You become involved immediately in the world of Sonny and Leo. They met Bill Leader who has produced an album with them called simply "Tir Na Nog" (which is Gaelic and roughly translated means land of eternal youth).


Hello There,
Stumbled on your great site,and it brought back memories, (surprisingly accurate by all the accounts of your contributers).
I'm Leo from Tir na nog,and myself and Sonny were onstage inviting the entire 20,000 home for tea while the Hell's Angels were getting bashed just behind us. Look me up on We're still doing gigs together mostly in Ireland, and playing with our own bands. Sonny's on

Love to hear from y'all.

Leo O'Kelly.

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