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The Weeley Festival.
Clacton On Sea . Essex.
August 27th-29th 1971.

 From Free Frendz newsletter Sept 1971. Frendz does not take such an Angel friendly stance as IT did . However, I very much doubt the report of the death of an Angel as I have seen no reports anywhere else about the fatality.

   Weeley saw the Angels arrive , stomp around and generally behave like an army of occupation. They took over the stage security. complete with wooden clubs to underline the point as they checked papers. Later they tried to rip off the concessionaires and they got trashed. The fuzz arrived to try to cool things. A vigilante committee formed consisting of concessionaires, security men, (very heavy, out of work commandos ,etc.) and stage hands. Armed with monkey wrenches, clubs and sledge hammers,  they marched on the Angels, who had moved to a small area backstage because they were scared. Result. Three Angels were taken to hospItal unconscious , one at least with a fractured skull , many more badly beaten up. Most of them wisely jumped over the wall the second they saw what was coming . Then the peace loving vigilantes smashed up the Angels beloved bikes. Reliable reports reached Frendz indicating that one of the Angels had died in hospital . He that lives by the sword ....
Perhaps the Angels will learn from this tragedy that violence is not the answer . There's always someone tougher than you.

most photos by the late David Redom. 

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