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The Weeley Festival.
Clacton On Sea . Essex.
August 27th-29th 1971.

  Weeley program.

King Crimson.
Crimson  played
The Letter ,The Devil's Triangle. Pictures of a City ,Formentera
released as a bootleg.
KING CRIMSON, is a legend, and a live one too., In July this year they reappeared after one and a half years off the road. On "Truckin" the Grateful Dead point out, "Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it's been." which could be applied to King Crimson. In December, 1969, King Crimson found itself minus Ian McDonald and Mike Giles. Hardly later Gregg Lake upped in the direction of Keith Emerson.

In nine months "Crimso's" music had re-assembled many a mind. Donovan played with them, Hendrix became a fan and Peter Townsend called their first album, "An uncanny masterpiece .. . incredible." The album was "In the court of the Crimson King." Now, early 1970, and King Crimson down to Fripp, and Pete Sinfield, lights and sounds, plus new recruit Mel Collins. "We'll be back on the road soon," they say, while a headlining tour with Traffic is being organised and Lennon is asking them to play at the Albert Hall--in aid of "Release." One and a half years 13 later, via their highly ~ acclaimed "In the Wake of Poseidon" and "Lizard" L.P.s, King Crimson returned to the road, with Fripp (guitar, mellotron and a electric piano), Pete Sinfield (lights, sound and VCS3), Mel Collins (saxes,flute and mellotron), lan Wallace (drums) and Boz (bass guitar and lead vocals). And... Meanwhile, from the back of someone's mind comes the cry, "Enough of this. Let us hear the music!'


Mike Maran .
     MIKE MARAN is from all accounts something of an intellectual. Which doesn't mean to say that he's so self-involved he can't communicate . . . or you wouldn't get influential writers on the pop scene saying things like "It's fascinating how he keeps his audience engrossed in the preamble to a song as much as the song itself." Other things said have been: "He gave the impression that he was singing for you and you alone" . . . "There are few acoustic singers who could get an encore from an audience who had come along to have their minds blown out by electric music" . . "Mike Maran is the pop man's folk singer, whose songs have a chlidlike quality musically and lyrically they can match anything that is being written today."

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Hackensack/ Edgar Broughton
Juicy Lucy/Principal Edwards
Gnidrolog/Tir Na Nog
Mungo Jerry/Ricotti Albequerque
Gringo/Fairfield Parlour
Stone The Crows/Natural Acoustic Band
Barclay James Harvest/Al Stewart
Colosseum /Comus
King Crimson/Mike Maran
Mott The Hoople/Curved Air
Tudor Lodge/ Groundhogs
Rory Gallagher/ On
Bell & Arc/Caravan
Lindisfarne/ Julie Felix 
Quintessence/Paul Bretts Sage
Grease Band/Faces
Steve Tilston/ T Rex
Van Der Graaf Generator /Stray
Arthur Brown
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