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The Weeley Festival.
Clacton On Sea . Essex.
August 27th-29th 1971.

 Weeley program.

Juicy Lucy.

    A blend of driving blues and rock has produced a rock and roll band with a unique and very distinct sound—a sound that quickly established Juicy Lucy in Britain and has been received with great acclaim more recently in Europe and America. Juicy Lucy were formed in October 1969 after a diligent search lasting a year for the right cornbination of experienced musicians by Californian steel guitarist Glenn Campbell ,Chris Mercer (sax and key-boards), Mick Moody (guitar), DeLisle Harper (bass), Rod Combes (drums) and Paul Williams (vocals). In 18 months they have emerged as one of the hottest bands for a long time.

    Juicy Lucy have supplied a fresh new taste to progressive music. They play exciting, entertaining music—something the group recognised was missing from all but an elite of the current crop of progressive groups. " Everybody just want to prove they're supergroups and as a result all the entertainment has gone out of it for audiences. A guy shouldn't have to learn the technicalities of music in order to understand and enjoy what's happening on stage when he's paid good money to be entertained," stresses Glenn.


Principal Edwards Magic Theatre .


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