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The Weeley Festival.
Clacton On Sea . Essex.
August 27th-29th 1971.

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A message from the organisers

    This festival is not a "Bread Trip,"' every penny it makes will go to aid Bangla Desh, Shelter, Release and other important community charities. That means any damage done on the site, which has been given free by two local farmers, will have to be paid for out of the charity take. We feel that the best way to say thank you to the farmers for letting us have thelr land is to have it the way we found it.

Promoters at the Pop Festival are Round Table vice-chairman Vic Speck and Peter Gibbs, a past chairman.

VIC SPECK, who is thirty seven, has been a member ot the Round Table for five years. Originally trom Kent, he has lived In Claeton for over 20 years and has numerous business interests in the area.

PETER GIBBS aged thirty three, is a pharmacist and has also lived In Clacton tor the past 20 years. He has been a member ot the Round Table tor ten years, and was its chairman in 1969

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     And why has the Clacton Round Table (an organisation respected for the role it plays In business and civic life) persevered with the Festival despite Intense local pressure and criticism?

"Flrstly as a means of ralsing a considerable sum of money for charity," Mr. Speck sald, "and secondly because we felt that it was time this area was put on the map. "But the third reason is a matter of principle.

"We wanted to prove that an event of this sort can be held without scenes of violence and upset," says Mr. Speck. "That the people who attend these Festivals have a philo-sophy to which they are surely entitled, and that the opportunity exists tor mutual understanding and respect." And despite the criticlams and obstructions which have dogged Mr. Speck and his associates, the offers of help from both local and natlonal organisatlons would seem to indicate that there are many who echo these sentiments.


  Link man   

     Somewhere in an operation as immense and unpredictable as the setting-up of a Pop-Festivai there has to be a link-man. A man whose expertise and contacts can create a sensible pattern from the chaotic elements involved. The Clacton Round Table chanced to light on Colin King of Brighton as that man ! "It would have been impossible for us to have tackled many aspects of this event wlthout him," says pubilcity co-ordinator Norman Thompson. "His knowledge has been invaluable to us and the Round Table recognise that wlthout his aid, day to day vigilance over an always changing situatlon, and intimate involvement in a sphere of business with its own conventions, we would have had an almost impossible task." Colin, who has been immersed in different areas of show business for the last eight years has an ultimate ambition to stage a week-long Pop "Music Carnival" with an audience of a million.

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