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The Weeley Festival.
Clacton On Sea . Essex.
August 27th-29th 1971.

  Weeley program.

T Rex .

T. Rex-fairyland to rock .

    THE first shock came when "Ride A White Swan" suddenly appeared in the singles chart—a fact that meant Mark Bolan was no longer solely confined to one audience. And the inverted snobbery which has existed since pop music began raised its head and howled. Marc Bolan had taken T. Rex out on to the commercial market. What was more, he'd made it work. You'd have thought the Eiger had fallen over or the Mona Lisa had said "arse" the way everyone carried on. "Sold out," they cried and yet how much real difference is there between "Desdamona" and "Ride a White Swan," between "Woodland Bop" and "Get It On?"

         In breaking into the mass market, he has lost none of the charm, the insidiousness the musical technique that first brought him to notice. So the music basically remains unchanged. What Bolan needed to do - get extrovert on stage-came through easily with the success on the commercial market. One naturally bred the other, and Bolan took to his new role like the old rocker that had laid beating always under the fairy glades and elfin gambols.


Equipment: PA: 3 Vampower 100 watt imp, 3 Vamp cabinets, 2 Vox Supreme amps, 1 Vox Supreme cabinet, 1 Vox AC30 amp, 1 WEM echo unit, 1 fuzz box, 1 treble booster, 1 wah-wah pedal, 8 100 watt stereo quad amps, 5 RCA cabinets — custom-built by Kelsey and Morris, 5 monitor speakers— custom-built by Kelsey and Morris, 1 studio mixer deck— custom-built by Kelsey and Morris, 5 horns—custom-built by Kelsey and Morris, 1 trans-former — custom-built by Kelsey and Morris. MICROPHONES: 9 Shure microphones. MARC BOLAN: 1 Fender Telecaster guitar, 2 Fender Stratocaster guitars, 1 1947 Les Paul guitar, 1 Custom Les Paul guitar, 1 Epiphone acoustic guitar 1 Woolworths organ, Picato st;ings. MICKIE FINN: 1 Mexican conga, 4 African talking drums, 2 sets bongos, 1 Chinese gong, set of Mexican claves, various marraccas, various tambourines. STEVE CURRIE: 1 Fender Precision bass guitar, 1 Fender six-string guitar, Rotosound strings. BILL LEGEND: 1 Hayman Professional drum kit, Zyn cymbals, 1 ride crash Hi-Hat, Ringo Starr drum sticks.

Steve Tilston

     HAILED as probably the most important figure to emerge on the contemporary London folk scene since Bert Jansch, Steve Tilston combines word-power with complete mastery of his guitar. His style sheers away from any kind of contrivance or artificial complexity.

30 years on Tilston is still touring and writing his own material, one of his most famous tunes is 'The Naked Highwayman ', covered by Fairport Convention.

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