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The Weeley Festival.
Clacton On Sea . Essex.
August 27th-29th 1971.

  Weeley program.

The Groundhogs .

"GROUNDHOGS" made it last year and have increased momentum. They have appeared in all the major festivals throughout Europe. Individually the musical ideas of the trio coincide well. Pete Cruickshank on bass has been playing with Tony McPhee for a number of years and he can always rely on him to give the necessary approach for his songs. Ken Pustelnik because of his unorthodox drum style, keeps them away from the routine three-piece sound on stage. On recordings they use over dubbed guitar and bass to achieve the fullness of sound, as the thinness on record of a three-piece sound cannot captivate the atmosphere of a live performance. As far as live performances are concerned, the basic three-piece sound remains the same but has developed the use of the drums and bass in far more complex structures rather than simply using tham as a basic backing for the lead guitar. Performing on stage the group find that the earlier blues material is still best for live performances because of its basic excitement and freedom for improvisation.

Tudor Lodge

   JOHN and Lyndon played local clubs on an amateur basis from February to June 1969 when they met Ann. Ann, however, had to return to the U.S.A. in order to finish a two-year college music programme and she returned to England the following February when the group was formed. In the short time the group have been together they have already made a great impact on the contemporary music scene. Their varied musical ideas and threepiece harmonies are blended to form a unique sound and they have played both concerts and clubs very successfully. The group concluded a deal with Vertigo Records at the end of 1970 and their first album will certainly establish them in contemporary music fields.

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