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Harlow Free Concerts 1981.
Spurriers Park- Harlow.




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Thanks to Steve Goldsmith , David Devine of Harlow Council and Steve Baker for their invaluable help in providing data on these concerts.


July 25th-26th 1981

August 1st 1981 .

Advert for the 1981 shows , can anyone provide eye witness accounts ?

Just been reminiscing with your site and also and thought I would mention seeing the Qtips.

I had been to see The Who at the Rainbow and the Q tips were the supporting band, I just fell in love with Paul Young, and when he was on at the park I just had to and see him. I thought he was great - but I may have been biased.

I used to go to the concerts as a teenager, the Bay City Rollers were apparently booked before they had a hit, but had reached stardom by the time the concert day arrived. I remember them being late, and everyone thought that they weren't coming. They weren't my thing, but you just went to all the concerts as it was somewhere to go. I really don't remember seeing anyone that I really liked apart from the Q tips!


1981 Local Pop Festival / Battle of the Bands
July 25 Q Tips, The Fix, The Fascinators
July 26 Dutch Courage, Silika Rich, Pete the Meat and the Boys , Playground Heroes, Acid Quean, Alexis, with special guests Victims of Pleasure
August 1 Steve Gibbons, Stan Web’s Chicken Shack and the winner of the final on July 26.

I did not attend the Battle of the Bands Night on the 26 July but I did see the Q Tips, Steve Gibbons and Stan Web’s Chicken Shack . Stan was probably playing the same set that he had done in 73 and 75 not strictly true as he had a new album he was promoting . As did Steve Gibbons who also played a fine set.
These were the last concerts I ever attended at the Town Park

Came across the “Free Festivals” website and saw the summer 1981 line up for Saturday 25th July. I was there and can say that it was one of the best shows put on in the town park for many years. The reason being is that the Q-Tips were on a nationwide tour at the time with a band call “After the Fire” as support. Although they weren’t billed to appear, Paul Young brought them along and they played a set before the Q-Tips came on. They then joined the Q-Tips for a final encore with half the band members jumping in the pool at the front of the stage. As After the Fire weren’t supposed to be there, the allocated finish time of 10.30pm was exceed by about 30-40 minutes which didn’t go down well with the local residents. I heard later on that because of this late finish, the council stopped having these concerts which is why there is a gap between 1981 and 1987. Still well worth the ban for that night of entertainment!!

Michael O'Sullivan


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