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  When most people think of Festivals they think of the big ones, Bath, IOW , Knebworth . The festivals that have gone down in rock history as being THE significant events of the 70s. But, throughout the 70s and early 80s - and almost unnoticed by the rock mainstream press and punters, there maintained the fragile stream of free festivals. Organised by die-hards determined to keep some of the spirit of the counterculture alive ,( the organisers often facing harrassment from authorities , even imprisonment) -these (mostly ) small scale events persisted throughout the decade. They were later to mutate into the raves and travellers gatherings that took place during the latter part of the century and which persist today.

  There's precious little in the way of documentation on any of these festivals online , apart from the Windsor , Phun City sites we created a few years ago, Jeza's cache of photos and a few sites with photos of Deeply Vale . In an attempt to create somewhere where those interested in the early history of free festivals can easily find something about all the festivals - or at least the fact that some of them took place at all , I've created this index of the free festivals we know of and sites that contain any information about them . If the site has a good deal of information about the festival I have linked directly to it and marked the page with a #. If its hardly got any content I've usually added the information to the pages I have created about the event . Most of the pages will contain links to photo sites of the festivals on the net , bands that played at the festivals and any recording details .

This list is in no way definitive and is being added to whenever new information turns up and the site is constantly being updated . Information has been gleaned mainly from net scouring and therefore is almost definitely NOT completely accurate . If you can help with ANY information please do not hesitate to contact me Contact email


Free festivals held in the United Kingdom between 1967-90.


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Many thanks go to Roger Hutchinson , Big Steve , Roger Duncan, Celia, Will , Jeza,Chris Hewitt ,The Fabulous Time Tortoise and Peter Piwowarski - ( 70s music site/photos ) for their help in providing the archival material related to these free festivals which has at last enabled me to construct the site .

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