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( being a benefit for The Travellers School )





August 12-14th 1988.


Poster courtesy Pete Linnell

The Hippy Slags playing Aktivator . Photo courtesy Angie X

Tug o' trucks at Aktivator 88

Photos © Janet Thompson

 One of a series of benefits held in 1988-89 to raise funds for the Skool bus , which was a project created by elements in the Traveller community who wished to provide a stable, fun, school environment for traveller children, by 1988, this was a converted truck which had been cleaned up and funded by a group called the Traveller School Charity which had been formed in the late 80s. Because the organisation had charitable status , it was possible to raise funds tax free to keep the vehicle running, and the usual suspects ( Roy Harper , Nick Turner and Hawkwind ) offered their services to help raise funds.

The Clyro Court festival held in October 1988, raised £2000 .Aktivator managed to do roughly the same . A good time was had by all, in fact the party was so noisy Sid had to turn his fire hoses on to cool down a few punters.

Visit Tash's page about the Travellers School Charity .








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