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The Tenth National Jazz and Blues Festival.
Plumpton Race Track.
Streat. East Sussex.
6th-9th Aug 1970.


At the time, Yes were one of the few bands that would have tempted me to attend this festival, I thought their work at this point in their career was excellent and when I saw them at Loughborough the next year they proved to be a really energetic and dynamic rock band . Later on, I generally agreed with those critics who thought they were going over the top in terms of silly lyrics and indulgent solos, ( even though I still have a fondness for certain songs from their later days )  but in 1970 very little of this tendency was in evidence and I imagine that this would have been a top performance by the band when they at their energetic best, as any band with Bill Bruford and Chris Squire just had to have been  HOT .

   There is an audience tape of this performance , around 30 minutes long , which would have probably been most of or all their set for a band at the middle to bottom end of the bill. The stage banter indicates they would have been on in the early evening.


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