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The Tenth National Jazz and Blues Festival.
Plumpton Race Track.
Streat. East Sussex.
6th-9th Aug 1970.

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  Local press accounts.

    Big thanks goes to Kieran McCann for the donation of his collection of cuttings  from the local press. Unfortunately in 1970 ( this being the second year that the festival was held in Plumpton ) some of the novelty  had worn off for the local press. Although there is the usual litany of complaints , fears by locals that they will be murdered in their beds and Tory MP's complaining about the noise and drug taking carried on from the previous year- there are less details about the bands and festival logistics .

Day one reports -6th August 1970.

Plumpton Simmers.
    A backlash of complaints from irate villagers is expected during the four day pop extravaganza which starts tonight at Plumpton Racecourse. This is the likely result of a high court decision last week not to grant an injunction , which could have cancelled the festival.
    The order had been sought by Mr Martin Madden, M . P. for Hove, his wife and five other people living near the festival site.
It would have stopped the racecourse company from using the site to " cause a nuisance, damage, annoyance or disturbance to the plaintiffs. "
A festival official said today" it is certainly possible that we will get many more complaints than ever before. Although the great majority of residents seem to be behind us, there are still a hard core who are bitter about the High Court decision.

  The official added " We are doing everything possible this year to avoid complaints. And those we do get will probably be completely unjustified.
  The security force hired to keep order at the festival has been doubled this year to more than 200 and a large fresh water main has been laid to the festival site. Large numbers of additional toilets have also been provided. Thousands more are expected by tomorrow night , when the main festival begins. " This has all the makings of a big one " a spokesman from the organisers said hopefully. 
  Several Sussex bands, including Jellybread , are featured tonight in the "South Of England Showcase " concert opener. 
  Tomorrow Family and The Groundhogs top the bill and on Saturday Cat Stevens  and Peter Green , late of Fleetwood Mac , are the big attractions.  The festival ends on Sunday, with the Incredible String Band , Colosseum , Yes and  Deep Purple

    Pictured above sheltering from the mornings downpour are pop fans from all over Sussex who arrived to get a good position for tonight's start to the festival. 

This report contains one inaccuracy- the previous years festival security force was 200, yet it is supposed to have "doubled " in 1970.

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Known recordings of the 1970 Plumpton festival.
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