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May 31st 1975

Don McLean,Caravan, Joan Armatrading, Shusha, David Lewis, Screemer.

Don Mclean .Photos © Vin Miles

  Screemer ?

   Despite cold, windy conditions this was, according to reports, quite a biggie, up to 85,000 attended, ( although co-promoters Capitol Radio only gave the crowd figure as 18.000) McLean was a very popular artist at the time , due to big hits such as ' Vincent'. This show was intended to be a farewell as McLean was worn out, suffering from the pressures of fame ... but as these farwells nearly always go, this was not the end of his performing career . Most of McLeans portion of the concert was broadcast on FM radio and you can listen to two tracks from it here , Capitol Radio missed broadcasting the encores. Portions of the other acts sets were also played on air but so far we've not been able to track down any setlists. A couple of press articles can be read here .For some reason nobody outside the music press ever seemed to take any photos of Joan Armatrading at open air gatherings, perhaps she laid a hex on freelance cameras using her supernatural powers, but for whatever reason , once again , no images of the diva unless you go look on the getty website .......


Remember a great set from Joan Armatrading and Caravan, really mind blowing performances
Paolo Petrini

A teensy weensy little picture of Joan Armatrading and band at Hyde Park may be viewed with a microscope here although you can view at a larger format if you register.

Press reviews of this show can be accessed here

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