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July 18th 1970.

Pink Floyd, Roy Harper, Kevin Ayers, Edgar Broughton Band,Formerly Fat Harry,Lol Coxhill, Third Ear Band#.

Did not perform #

  July 18th 1970 home Photogallery one Photogallery two  

Photogallery one .

German music fan Jochen Laschinsky was in the Uk in the summer of 1970 when he attended this concert and shot a few minutes of footage using an 8mm camera, unfortunately the footage is silent , but we can clearly see portions of Pink Floyds and the Edgar Broughton Bands sets, which gives an excellent idea of what the event was like.

Dave Gillmore onstage Hyde Park 1970 . All images © Jochen Laschinsky



Edgar Broughton Band











We may stream the footage here at a later date but for now, y'all will have to make do with stills taken from the footage.

Edgar Broughton Band onstage Hyde park 7-18-70 , the PA system provided by WEM is almost a carbon copy of that which was used at the Bath festival earlier in the year.



The images below are taken from more 8mm footage courtesy of Stuart" Jammer " James ©.







  July 18th 1970 home Photogallery one Photogallery two  

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