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July 18th 1970.

Pink Floyd, Roy Harper, Kevin Ayers, Edgar Broughton Band,Formerly Fat Harry,Lol Coxhill, Third Ear Band#.

Did not perform #

Photogallery two .

Another Greman music fan was in the UK when he attedned thism show and ( thankfully ) took some photos. He wrote

" Digitalizing my old slides I went back to the seventies and found some nice pics from the Festival. Me and my buddy „Uwe“ (both 19 Years) hiked from Bremen (Germany) to Brighton. Finally we visited the Festival, and here we are. I hope you like that stuff!

Best regards
Michael Moltrecht "
All colour images in this section © Michael Moltrecht



The guy standing left is the spitting image of Julian, who sold me a Norton 16h combo in Swansea in 1969.......




The images below are provided by © Robert Ransom



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