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Dec 2011 new photos of the Pye Recording crew and Miles Davis's engineer Stan Tonkel and producer Teo Macero

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The 1970 Isle of Wight Festival. 26th - 30th August 1970. 

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This new batch of photos © Roy Bowen !
    Where to start ? I guess at the beginning.
I travelled down to the festival from South Wales with two of my mates, Kevin Williams and Brian Morgan.
I think we left on the Wednesday afternoon in Kevin`s Mini Traveller, and tried to get a ferry from Lymington to the IOW on the Wednesday night. I guess everyone else had the same idea, as we had to park the car up in a field overnight close to the port and travel the following day as foot passengers on Thursday morning.
The photo`s show the view of the fesival enclosure and the village of tents just outside the main arena from our camp site on Desolation Hill.
   The 2nd picture shows Kevin on the left and Brian on the right enjoying their breakfast on Friday morning, probably the last meal we had until Monday afternoon. We pitched our tent on the hill as the main camp site was very full, and we thought that if we pitched the tent on the hill we could easily find it later, as you can see from the picture there were not many tents around us. How wrong can you be, we hadn`t considered the other 100 - 200.000 people still to arrive. In hindsight it wasn`t a good idea to camp on such a slope as, as you can imagine, we spend most of the night sleeping under the stars having slipped out of the tent in the night.
   Having pitched the tent we went to buy tickets, and could not decide wether to get daily tickets or the thre day ticket for 3 pounds, a lot of money in those days. In the end we went for the three day ticket for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Having bought the tickets we walked away from the arena back to find our tent, with Supertramp playing on the stage. On the way back Kevin bought a huge melon, and my last memory for Thursday was Kevin chasing the melon down to the bottom of Desolation Hill.


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