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Articles from Friends Magazine Oct 2nd 1970- Part 7.

 The IOW festival through the eyes of HAWKWIND

and the 


  Through the Eyes of Hawkwind.

     We arrived at the site on Wednesday evening and after hustling Ricki Farr for a gig on the main stage unsuccessfully, proceeded to set up our equipment in an inflatable tent called 'Canvas City', the owner, so it seemed had kindly put at our disposal. He was at this time charging 2/-. entry, which was not unreasonable, as this included Simon Stable disco and Green Limousine lights. Things went quite smoothly, we played rather a bad set, but the spirit was there .Next day the Fairies arrived and in the afternoon we set up all our equipment outside the tent, and had a nice blow, good vibes all over. That evening both bands played too many sets in Canvas City, and the owner was now starting to apply pressure. He would pay both the bands 35 pounds. We agreed to this but we suggested that we play for nothing in order that he bring his entry charges down, which had risen, without our knowledge to 10/-.

Photos of Hawkwind and the Fairies jamming kindly provided by

© Malcolm George.

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  He tried to convince us that to lower his charges was not a viable proposition even if we played for nothing. Under the circumstances we then decided that we would play for nothing and that the money we should have received would be spent on free food for people in need A heavy and complicated deal was then set up with a catering firm ,the facts and figures flew above our heads in the series of bread heads-v- spaced out freaks with the result that food would be given away the next day as there was not time to get it together that evening.

   Next day, another mammoth open-air jam, (definitely mind blowing) in the afternoon, and the news that The Fairies , wisely in my opinion, were pulling out of the deal. They requested that they be given 20 pounds to cover their expenses, leaving us free to tie up the free food scene with the remaining 50 pound .That evening (Friday) we played inside Canvas City and free food was distributed, not outside to those in need, but inside the tent, to those who had paid 10/- entry and who didn't need it. Of course the tent owners had glib excuses ready, but this incident demonstrated to us fully where they were at.



    On Saturday, after lengthy discussions, it was decided that we should play that evening in the Fairground Tent, another inflatable , the owner of which had shown himself to be bankrupt anyway and he kept the charges as low as possible , 6/- . He was still loving , but out of this money he was able to spike everybody - nearly 10.000 people in the tent -with acid in the coffee. Nice scene, seven hour non stop jam with all comers , Hendrix, who was there , should have joined in and still we got paid 5 pounds to cover our expenses. Too much!

    Sunday, no afternoon jam . The Fairies having split the day before, and we were too spaced out to move the equipment, We did, however, start to play in the evening, but the winds started to get strong and the tent had to be deflated in the interests of safety.


right - the infinitely spaced out Nik Turner


      Monday, Festival over, afternoon jam, all comers, collection made to contribute to fares of needy and to minds of band and friends (psyche food). Gig in evening inside Canvas City, for £10 on condition entry charge was 3/-. All sorts of guests scheduled to appear: Kristofferson, Moody Blues, Hendrix, American Banking Band, plus other star attractions, net result, Hawkwind played very spaced out space rock , a local folk acoustic band played sweetly and Sherkus played nicely . That's all I remember- Zonk !!!!

Tuesday we split from the island.

Nick Turner.


Ps: Sunday morning it rained and people came into Canvas City to shelter. Simon Stable thought it would be nice to play some records for them as a friendly gesture to keep them entertained, it was some time before he released that the guy who was running the tent was charging 2/- to get in. He split shortly afterwards with Vince and the light show in disgust.


Through the Eyes of the Pink Fairies.

     Arrived at the festival site on Thursday afternoon, went to the large inflatable dome we had been invited to play in before , called Canvas City., Inside the dome was a light show , Disco and Simon Stable and food stall. We found Tony, John and family who had brought along -besides the groups equipment , a monstrous purple disco system which was set up outside the dome at the lower end. They had already collected a large listening and dancing audience , led by a black haired Negro looking much like a western baddie , who danced and mimed non stop for three days.
     Anyway, here we camped and cordoned off a small area with our radio Geronimo banner . To the right of us camped the Hawkwind Family. Then came a heavy meeting with the bands and the cat who ran the dome . He agreed to lower admission from 10/- to 5/- for Thursday and FridayÕs price would be negotiated. H offered to pay the bands expenses but the members decided that the money should go to free food which the dome guy said he would organise. Thursday evening seemed a good time to promote a bit of goodwill, so the Pink Fairies were going to play bedtime rock and roll in the main arena. But we were unable to perform owing to (A) Lack of time and or (B ):people ( French )had assaulted a section of the fence and it seemed possible to someone that there may be a connection between this band and this incident. Music on Wednesday and Thursday was free only to weekend ticket holder . Nice ?

    At approximately 1 am we went over to the dome . Hawkwind had already set up inside to do the first set . Suddenly the outside lights went out. The dome's generator had stopped, and as the fans weren't running the dome was losing pressure and collapsing. Also there was no light inside at all, so thousands were sitting in total darkness. All was terribly silent .Terry then started his percussion feat (still no lights- and the silence was broken by applause, cheers and whistles.)The power finally reappeared after about 10 minutes , and both bands and people took each other much higher into the cosmos. 5 :am saw the outside have a sleep while the disco in the dome played 2001 and flocks of migrating birds winged their way through the clear dawn sky. At 10 am the the outside disco started up again and the negrito bandito carried on dancing.

    Friday afternoon saw a superstar jam session as both bands set up together between the entrances of the dome. There were three drum kits , 3 guitars, 1 electronics controller , about eight roadies and countless dancers. Yahoo! Then came the meeting with the dome man. He wanted still to charge 10/- and the bands money. HeÕs told to forget the money , that people need food and donÕt have bread to fork out on his dome ." No Dice "says Dome Man . Pink Fairies score 20 pound to get home and pull out of the dome . Hawkwind, though, decide to test the guy's good faith and play free inside the dome providing entrance charge goes down somewhat and some food is made available inside the dome , meanwhile the outsiders remain hungry.

Photo © Bill Cowham

   The arrival of Friends , Stan and Family started things pulling together a bit more , with, amongst other things, , a news sheet bulletin , which told what was happening , messages , etc. It was bulletin number 4 which coordinated a lost red setter being recovered at the police camp . IT staff and family also arrived and parked with us . Someone reported seeing a red Avis opium den near by. To finish Friday night off, some one spiked Fairy Roadie CP Welch, who has to be taken to the Release tent , as it was all getting a shade freaky . He hated to leave such a nice trip as that ? pleasant sounds, nice surroundings and beautiful , warm , understanding , motherly girls.


Outside disco interrupted around noon for another concert on and in the dirt. So many photographers and movie cameras appear that there's no room to dance. Music suddenly stops ,crowd boos and yells for cameramen to fornicate off and everything resumes as par normal ( not to be confused with normal meaning of normal) .Dancing and disco continue . Enter P Corry , tripped out , Jack boots, leather jacket , flight cap and large spanner in back pocket. In his hand he clutches a half gallon of wine , which is shared with the other dancers. Mr. Z dances off and returns minutes later with another bottle . Dancers all dance and drink furiously and all collapse. What a state. !

    Then its time for the Saturday afternoon jam session . Everyone and everything is in full participation, , with the whole thing becoming like an unstoppable monster, lasting over two hours. Everyone has a good freak and expounds potential energy. Saturday evening brings us to take down camp and prepare to split back to London, as we had a gig on Monday and no return passage booked. Good-bye IOW and hello Worthing Carnival Parade( our float didn'tÕt win a prize but before driving through the town centre and suburbia we were refueled by the US Army.

Anthony Haden Guest.

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