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Dec 2011 new photos of the Pye Recording crew and Miles Davis's engineer Stan Tonkel and producer Teo Macero

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    There appear to have been various versions of the program, with newspapers producing a version that had some graphics from the official program and other stuff that was their own creation . This is the bulk of the "real ' program, minus adverts . I have no idea where you can get reproductions of the original, but you can contact David Fairbrother-Roe, the artist who designed the original groovy graphics and he might be able to help. Contact details at the bottom of the page.

Program courtesy Bob Beaver , click on images to see larger versions.

The Artist

Was David Fairbrother-Roe. A Liverpool illustrator, he studied at the Royal Academy in London in the mid 60s before tuning in and turning on and becoming a prolific popartnik. His academically trained technique put him head and shoulders above many of his audodidact contemporaries producing psychedelic art. In 1968, 1969 and 1970, Dave was the artist who produced the posters, programmes and tickets for the Isle of Wight Festivals: Britain's most famous 60s rock festivals (the UK's Woodstock). The most famous of these is the 'Psychedelic Drummer' poster... one of the original posters reportedly now hangs in Noel Gallagher's living room.
Dave wishes to make inquiries into potential museum interest in his originals of his rock-related works: he's interested in a younger generation seeing more of his work.
They include
- The original drawings, proofs and final products (posters, tickets, programs) for the 1968, 1969 and 1970 Isle of Wight Festivals.
- Original photos of Jimi Hendrix performing at the Isle of Wight festival (his last UK concert).
In the 1970s, Dave produced acclaimed album covers for Jon Anderson of Yes and Nazareth. He also produced 'science fantasy' cover art for the Pern novels of the Tolkienesque writer Anne McCaffrey. McCaffrey called McCaffrey called him in a letter the 'king of dragon artists', and his talent for dragon-painting led him to work on a (lost... Dave has the demo) album on Dragonlore with Jon Andersen.
If you know of anyone who would be interested in purchasing the works, please contact the artist
Kindest regards,
Pete Thomas

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