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June 29th 1974.

Kevin Ayers, Nico, Chapman Whitney Streetwalkers, Kevin Coyne,Gong, Gt Moore and the Massed Reggae guitars.

Kevin Coyne ..... R.I.P

Photos © Ian Loveday

Photos © Ian Loveday

Photos © Ian Loveday

Photos © Ian Loveday


© Crister Backhage


A grand total of two recordings for this one - one from the audience of relatively poor quality and one from the soundboard - reputedly excellent quality.
Kevin Coyne solo (*) Gordon Smith (guitar), Tony Cousins (bass), Rick Dodd (tenor sax), Tim Penn (keyboards) and Terry Slade (drums).
Mad Boy * 2:56
Mummy 6:18
Marjory Razorblade Suite 8:22  [same as V-The Virgin Sampler]
Let's Have a Party (J-M Robinson) 3:12
Poor Swine 4:55
Need Somebody 5:33
Chicken Wing 4:25
Booggie Chillun (J-L Hooker) 6:32  [unreleased]

Stills taken from an OGWT broadcast which suggests there may be more video of this whole concert out there somewhere....

Kevin Coyne singing Marjory Razorblade

Kevin Coyne goes to ground

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