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Terry Reid Band

    Almost unheard of and forgotten now, Terry could be a phenomenal performer live. A more than able guitarist and possessed of a powerful voice, he was a well worth catching onstage in the early 1970s . I saw him at Loughborough in 72 or 73 with Mitch Mitchell on drums and the crowd just would not let him go , one of the best live shows I've ever seen .Fortunately though  he was not wearing such a silly hat as he was at Glastonbury. 
   Terry normally seemed to favour the trio format but at Glastonbury his band was augmented by ace pedal steel guitarist David Lindley - who has played with almost everyone of value over the years , most especially Ry Cooder- Terry was also joined by wee chanteuse Linda Lewis for a lengthy vocal workout which had the crowd on their feet. 
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