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The Glastonbury Fayres and Festivals: 1970-1990.

Pilton Festival - Glastonbury .

September 19th -20th 1970.

As you can see, in 1970, the crowd was miniscule © Arnold H

    The first festival at Glastonbury was not free and was decidedly overshadowed by the 1971 event, probably for good reasons . This festival was very sparsely attended , despite having Marc Bolan , Ian Anderson, Keith Christmas , Quintessence , Stackridge , Al Stewart, Amazing Blondel and Sam Apple Pie on the bill- hmmmm, perhaps thats why so few people showed up. Not exactly household names - even in 1970 - although all very respectable acts in their own right .

    Badly advertised, poor organisation , not exactly an auspicious start to one of the longest running rock festivals of all time. But it was a nice site and the precedent was set as regards having a festival in the area.

    Apparently government health inspectors visited the site as part of a report they were compiling about health standards at rock festivals. Interestingly, after all these years of warnings about the health hazards of food /sanitary conditions at festivals, I have yet to hear of a severe outbreak of food poisoning occurring .

The burning of Mr Eavis's cart © David White

We must admit,the bogs look appalling ..... © Arnold H


The stage © Arnold H

© Jo Gedrych

     Above left : A young Michael Eavis. Apparently the pic on the right photo is of a jam session . Amongst the luminaries on-stage are Al Stewart- (tambourine) and Keith Christmas ( sleeveless Afghan coat ).

Quintessence whooping it up onstage ..... © Arnold H

An interesting memoir of the first festival can be found here as well as other accounts of festivals and the underground scene of the early 70s- late 60s .

© Jo Gedrych

© David White


© David White


© David White


Quintessence © David White

© David White

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