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David Bowie . 6-23-71

Solo performance :vocals, guitar, keyboards.

    Bowie was originally scheduled to go onstage on the 22nd, but as usual , the timeline was shot to hell and Bowie eventually performed this brief set on the 23rd at dawn. Although he was supposed to play solo, he was joined on harmonies briefly by a tripped out scandanavian lady who felt like joining in (much to Bowie's amusement ).

    Mysteriously, he is completely left out of the film,( perhaps he did not give permission for his performnace to be used ) but there is a still an outside chance that his set is mouldering somewhere in a vault waiting to be discovered .

Julain Temple throws light on why Bowie wasn't in the film

“Yeah, he is wonderful, David Bowie. The Holy Grail would have been footage of him at the first one, because I saw that. When he performed in ’71 it was very early in the morning. I was asleep and this big bloke shook me awake, saying, ‘Wake up, you got to see this guy’, and the whole festival, which was much smaller then, was waking each other up saying, ‘You’ve got to see this guy.’ So it was the moment, or a moment, when everyone was turned on to what Bowie really was. He’d had Space Oddity a few years before as a one-off, freak, novelty type hit, but he wasn’t a star at all. And there he was in a dress, long hair, and just a guitar, sun coming up . . . it was magical. So if there had been footage of that . . . There is sound of it, actually. I don’t know why we couldn’t use it.”


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