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Severn Vale Celebration . Gloucestershire .

July 20-22 1979.

    A small free festival held on a grassy flat low lying site, situated on four acres of private land . Around 1100 people attended. Toilets consisted of three 30 ft trenches , water was from mains . The weather was good, dry all weekend . Rubbish was buried on site. No complaints by neighbours despite the PA measuring 96 db 20 metres from the stage as monitored by the local authority. There were 12 food stalls ( see one below ) , all vegetarian and one free food kitchen . No cases of food poisoning .

Release Report.

    Release was the only Festival Welfare Services agency on site, but as the crowd of around 1000 was small , there were no major problems . There were no heavy drugs on site and the organisers had provided plenty of taps and reasonable toilets. One worry we had was that if this event were to become annual , the site would not be big enough to accommodate conciderably larger numbers and the toilet facilites especially would become overloaded.



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