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Greater London Council Festivals




Demo and Festival, Battersea Park. London

March 10th 1984.


Dancing With The Dog

Billy Bragg ,

Benjamin Zepheniah.

Ken Livingstone


A National Union of Students demo and concert in support of the GLC

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"Jobs For A Change", GLC Festival, Jubilee Gardens. London,

June 10th 1984.

Billy Bragg, The Smiths, Hank Wangford, Misty In Roots, Ivor Cutler, Mari Wilson, Aswad, Ekome,Abakush,The Redskins, Hi Jinks, Bario Latino ,Vocem , Grand Union.

     Not sure if this was the first of the " Jobs For A Change " concerts hosted by the Labour led Greater London Council , but this was the event where the Redskins set was disrupted by 80 or so skinhead fascists who objected to the Redskins leftist polictics. It must have rankled to see fellow skins supporting " Red" Ken . There is a right wing blog we are not going to quote here that discusses this incident , its pretty hate filled stuff, so avoid unless you want to experience a prime example of mindless racism and see what we were up against in the 80s.

    After the fight was over the rest of the day went ahead, there is even an audience recording of the Redskins set - which presumably archives the fighting that went on in front of and on the stage.

Morrisey, Ken Livingstone and Mari WIlson

Hank Wangford and Slim Gaiilard , both shown at GLC shows in 1984 or 85 © Nick Hider

( visit Nicks Flickr site to view more great photos from this era )

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Recordings and setlists

Billy Bragg 6-10-84

  • Strange Things Happen
  • A Lover Sings
  • Like Soldiers Do
  • Island Of No Return
  • The Saturday Boy
  • A New England
  • Fear Is A Man's Best Friend
  • Milkman Of Human Kindness
  • A13
  • To Have And To Have Not
  • Lovers Town Revisited
  • The Busy Girl Buys Beauty
  • Milkman Of Human Kindness
  • To Have And To Have Not
  • A New England

The Redskins 6-10-84

  • Kick Over The Statues
  • Unionize
  • It Can Be Done
  • Take No Heroes
  • Hold On
  • Keep On Keepin' On
  • 16 Tons
  • Lean On Me

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The Smiths 6-10-84

  • Nowhere Fast
  • Girl Afraid
  • This Charming Man
  • William, It Was Really Nothing
  • Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
  • I Don't Owe You Anything
  • Still Ill
  • Jeane
  • Barbarism Begins At Home
  • Hand In Glove
  • What Difference Does It Make?
  • You've Got Everything Now
  • Pretty Girls Make Graves
  • Miserable Lie


Comments relating to the End of the GLC

GLC Free Festival

Battersea Park . London,

July 29th 1984.

John Sebastian,

Paul Butterfield.

Christy Moore

Roy Harper and Jimmy Page

Alan Price .


There appear to have been three stages for this one, which was held to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the courageous activists , the Tollpuddle Martyrs. If you follow this link, you will find some stills of John Sebastian and Paul Butterfield as well as some more images of Harper and Page onstage. Also nice review of the show by Carl Stickley who has helped us out before with other stuff for the site . G'day Carl !

All images © Syd Hancock


Recordings and setlists

Roy Harper (with Jimmy Page, Steve Broughton, Tony Franklin and Nik Green)
A 40-minute soundboard recording exists .

GLC Free Festival

Brockwell Park . London,

August 4th 1984.

The Damned.

Spear Of Destiny

The Fall.

Benjamin Zephaniah

New Model Army



Strawberry Switchblade

Pleasure and the Beast

HI Jinx. The Opposition



Brilliant © Augusto Croce

     An atypical British summers day, rain in the morrning , but by gum, it cleared for the afternoon's festivities, the sun shone . A good size crowd watched the opening acts and they were content NOT to throw cans at the support bands . Firstly : The Opposition, Pleasure and the Beast , Hi Jinx and then Brilliant. A few jeers at Youth , Brilliant's bass player, but no real trouble.

The Opposition © Augusto Croce

     The crowd were reasonably well behaved until Joolz took to the stage . Considering this show was free , one would have thought that the audience would have been content to just talk loudly when bands were not to their liking , but we have to remember this was the middle 80s, the moron element in crowds had developed nicely during the late 70s and they were used to lobbing cans , empty or full or urine , at objects onstage they did not like and some of the crowd did NOT like Joolz . However she was up to dealing with their capers. When cans were thown she responded with a clever verbal putdown that slowed the barrage of cans down considerably .

New Model Army © Augusto Croce

    New Model Army had many dedicated fans and they welcomed their heroes with gusto, they were well received but when they departed, their replacements, The Fall , were continuously bottled throughout their set by a contingent who were just not prepared to let anything they did not approve of occupy the stage.

   The Fall soldiered on manfully, as their solid Northern hides had by now developed a thick skin after years of gigging . Most of the crowd appreciated their music, it was only a small minority who were causing trouble, ain't it always the same, a few morons fuck things up for the rest of us ?

Kirk Brandon

   The two lasses who made up Strawberry Switchblade, fared even less well than the Fall ,since their inspiration was the blonde chantuese Nico ,hardly a household hero .Their music and unusual costume choices did not go down well with the intolerant elements in the crowd. They had a tough time of it , but managed to survive the jeering somehow.

   Spear of Destiny seemed to REALLY get under the skin of the mob, they were continuously canned. Their music wasn't hard core and contained elements of soul , their name was somewhat controversial ( the phrase had Nazi connections, although Brandon denied that this was so ) . Whatever the cause, their somewhat androgenous leader Kirk Brandon was hit on the face and sustained a cut and the front of stage became a nasty mosh pit , with violence flaring . Initial sound problems could not have helped their cause either.

Spear Of Destiny © Augusto Croce

    Poet Benjamin Zephania managed to calm the crowd during his recitation of anti establishment poems ,but, as roadies set up the Damned's equipment, the appearance onstage of Cap'n Sensible whilst he was performing did distract from his performance. This was also the last time Sensible was to play with the band , he had not performed at the Nostell Priory show the weekend before.

The Damned , with lurking Cap'n Sensible in prison suit © Augusto Croce

     When the Damned came on so did the rain , Ken Livingstone gave a speech just before the Damned about the Conservatives plans to do away with the GLC and they were introduced onstage by the Dr (of Dr and the Medics who were still a pretty underground band then). The Damned were the band that many of the can throwers had come to see . There was still a lot of rowdy behaviour , but generally in approval of the band onstage .

     In retrospect, it would have been better to have a different set of artists on the bill. By this time , people's tastes had seemed to polarise and crowd behaviour- fuelled by booze and gawd knows what else - had deteriorated to such an extent that even at a free show a significant element of the audience were just not prepared to tolerate music they did not like . A mixed bill such as this did not work if one had a certain type of band -such as The Damned headlining. Elements of their audience were simply too partisan .....


The Damned onstage at Brockwell park .View more Damned pix here .

Recordings and setlists

Spear of Destiny were recorded from the audience, looking for set list ......


New Model Army 8-04-84

  • Christian Militia
  • Notice Me
  • Young, Gifted And Skint
  • A Liberal Education
  • No Greater Love
  • The Price
  • Smalltown England
  • Vengeance

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The Fall 8-04-84

  • Smile
  • Pat Trip Dispenser
  • C.R.E.E.P
  • Elves
  • Hexen Definitive
  • Strife Knot
  • 2 x 4
  • Copped It
  • Lay of the Land

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The Damned 8-04-84

  • Love Song
  • Wait For The Blackout
  • Thanks For The Night
  • Disco Man
  • Stranger On The Town
  • Limit Club
  • Neat Neat Neat
  • Noise Noise Noise
  • Smash It Up
  • New Rose
  • Looking At You
  • Hippy Hippy Shake
  • Anarchy in the UK
  • Love Song (reprise)
  • Nasty.

Looking for cover or photos from this gig

Strawberry Switchblade Pix and Sounds Review

GLC Free Festival

Victoria Park . London,

August 19th 1984.

Mighty Wah / Spear Of Destiny.

A much more sedate affair than the Brockwell Park do, no bottle throwing we understand, but thats all the info we have at the moment- can anyone help ?

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