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Madeley, Newcastle-under-Lyme,
May 23rd and 24th 1970.


Music Now Review

  The end was approaching fast but we still had time to enjoy Traffic who were very much back to their original sound soft and beautiful. They did the title song from their new album John Barleycorn , which should be out in June . It was an excellent song with strong lyrics. The idea came from a 14th century folk song based on  a drink made from barley .

  Steve Winwood featured on organ and lead guitar, Chris Wood played some excellent flute on " Crying to Be Heard " and also played piano . The crowd was really digging them as they went into "Pearly Queen "which was beautifully performed with excellent vocal work from Winwood.

  The crowd were yelling for things like " You Can All Join In" and "Mr Fantasy" , but instead they did another strong song from the new album .People were dancing throughout their set and cried for encores. " Means To An End " was particularly good.

   The sound was very tight and together and showed that when they are going well, Traffic have a real identity of their own . A good closing set from a band who should really stay together a long time this time around.

Set list.
  • Medicated Goo
  • Crying to Be heard
  • Forty Thousand Headmen
  • John Barleycorn
  • Pearly Queen 
  • Every Mothers Son
  • Means To An End 

  • Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring

Press report

     My Old mates Traffic were wandering around backstage during the afternoon and people were wondering what to expect now that Dave Mason seems to have permanently departed the ranks.

We were soon to find out .

     There were the familiar Traffic numbers like Medicated Goo and Forty Thousand Headmen , but a lot of new stuff that shows the groups present direction . Steve had obviously had some thoughts about folk and he introduced one number thus. 'we're going to try a folk song , its called John Barleycorn ". Jim Capaldi left his drums to join Steve Winwood at the centre mic . He  banged an tambourine and sang with Steve who was on acoustic guitar and it turned out to be a good song. A number called Every Mothers Son which is from the next album and one title called Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring went down well.

     Mason is obviously missed - a bit of the heaviness is gone , but the sound is pure and exciting and still swings away as in days of old. Chris Wood drives along on tenor sax and flute capturing some delightful phrases and Steve roars about in fine style. Jim's drumming sounded even better than last time I heard Traffic and I'm sure they will soon be on top.

Traffic at the Glastonbury festival 1971.

Traffic at the National Jazz festival 1968

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