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June 16-18th 1989

Hothouse Flowers,Gong Maison, Waterboys, Van Morrison, Throwing Muses, Lucinda Williams,Martin Stephenson and the Daintees,Suzanne Vega,The Pixies, Donovan, Black Uhuru,Ozric Tentacles, The Wonderstuff, Mahotella Queens,Nik Turner's Fantastic All Stars, Screech Rock, All About Eve, Youssou N'Dour, Elvis Costello, Bhundu Boys, Fela Kuti, Fairground Attraction, The Proclaimers. Martin Carthy, Flaco Jiminez, Crossant Neuf,Sonja Christine, Atilla The Stockbroker , Womack and Womack, Alexei Sayle , Amabuthu, David Rudder, Blues Band,Oyster Band ,Earl Oakin, The Dubious Brothers .

( This list is incomplete and may be inaccurate - we need an advert and eyewitness accounts to confirm the complete bill )

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Glastonbury advert May or June 1989- click to see larger version

The Glastonbury festival stage 1989 © Kittens Arse


   After a years hiatus the return of the festival in 1989 saw a BIG increase in numbers , up from 60,000 to 100,000 according to some sources .The licence only allowed for 65,000 but many people attended the free festival in the travellers field , rented by Eavis as a sanctuary for travellers ,where they were entertained by bands like Hawkwind and Ozric Tentacles . Glastonbury was now rivaling the likes of Knebworth and Bath in its attendance, but despite new security measures there was still a lot of dealing and unapproved goings on that security could not curb.

     1989 was pretty mellow compared to 1987, although there was one scare when performer Suzanne Vega received several death threats which were taken seriously enough by the authorities for them to provide Ms Vega with an oversize bulletproof vest .Despite the threat the plucky troubadouress took to the stage and emerged unscathed .

   Following the trouble between travellers and other groups in 1987 the police were invited to patrol inside the site for the first time ever . High fencing encircled the site to discourage gate crashing .The site now covered 500 acres and boasted 13 stages.

Photo © Ely online

visit his site to see more great Glastonbury photos

   The extra police presence probably led to more drug busts. Now according to the plod they were mainly targeting dealers , but by the end of the weekend 300 punters had been arrested with the biggest bust being £8,000 worth of dope found in a van. We don't know if this figure was more than average but it seems pretty high . Apparently one of the reasons for the year off was local feeling , Mr Eavis had polled the local village folk and they had voted nearly two to one against holding a festival in 1988 , despite the villagers receiving free tickets and considerable donations to local charities. There were the usual objections from the council about the numbers able to attend , but Michael Eavis once more fought the good fight and repelled all challenges- the man was a marvel , possibly he persevered because it enabled him to donate so much money to good causes- his Methodist non-conformist background stood him in good stead against the forces of darkness !

   Weather wise, it was very hot and dry festival. Perhaps this made for a more relaxed atmosphere. Certainly there was a bumper attendance despite ticket prices going up by seven pounds to 28 quid ! By this time the festival had more or less consolidated its booking strategy, there was diversity in the scope of the acts, but there was also a certain predictability as well. Van Morrison and Elvis Costello in particular were old favourites , this was Van's third visit in eight years ! There was a smattering of U.S. alt bands such as the Pixies and Throwing Muses and the rest of the bill was made up of worthy but not particularly inspiring UK acts . Probably the best thing about the bill in 1989 was the presence of the Mighty Fela Kuti and Youssou N'Dour who gave depth to an otherwise rather predictable lineup.

    This was more or less a pattern of Glasto in the 80s , it was rare to see a REALLY BIG act at the festival. Eavis shied away from booking megastars, but he also seemed to avoid some of the acts who might have givvied up the bill with more hard rock, or the multitude of jamming bands from the US that were beginning to make names for themselves. Its sad that artists such as Miles Davis or Prince or the Grateful Dead never graced the pyramid stage either - now that would have made an interesting Glasto, but their fees would also have cut into the money available to give to charity !

WLD432G(1969)Bedford VAS2. Duple 'Midland' body. Ex-G.L.C. School Bus at Glasto 89 © Traveller Dave


Friday 17th June 1989.

Saturday 18th June 1989

Sunday 19th June 1989


1989 site plan courtesy Bod.

Anyone know which field this is ? © Kittens Arse

Rear end of the Dragon bus- were they raffling it off or what ? © Dave Kotula

One thing that seemed to get better over the years ....

Photo © Ely online

Travellers vehicles at Glastonbury Festival 1989.

Phil the beer's bus , with Phil decanting home brew - Phil was an old mate of ours from Loughborough, now deceased .

All vehicle photos in this section © Traveller Dave

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He also has many photos of unusual vehicles from Europe

Blah Dave's Leyland Boxer

NN94K(1972)Bristol RELH6G. ECW .Ex-East Midlands C94.

A Bedford Super Vega that was only brought out for summer festivals

Ex-Blue Coaches. Ilfracombe.


BP592J (1970) BMC ex-Ambulance


Many traveller homes sported great artwork .

Left Alan's Landscape' bus. Centre- Phils 'Skull bus' -Blah Dave's 'Desolation scene' .

All painted by Baz.

John's ex RAF bus UYK961 Bedford RL 4x4. Ex-RAF aircrew shuttle-bus.

Travellers Field Performances .

  Hosted on the inimitable Wango Riley's travelling stage ( an truck with the sides cut out that did sterling service at many free festivals of the 80s such as Torpedo Town ) , the field played host to bands 24/7 . This was also the first year that impromptu unofficial sound systems sprung up around the festival site, a portend of things to come, these sound systems , with their electronic house music blasting out round the clock, were seen by some as a refreshing wind of change that would rejuvenate a tired subculture and by others as a blessed nuisance - it all depended on what drugs you took as to your attitude to it and how much sleep you wanted to get !


6-20-89 :Travellers Stage, Glastonbury Festival
6-21-89 :Travellers Stage, Glastonbury Festival.

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Electric Poison Head on impromptu Glasto stage ,could this be Wango Riley's stage ?

© Dave Kotula

Security got tighter

Photo © Ely online

Throwing Muses

Recordings and setlists.

Gong Maison - Glastonbury Festival 1989

  1. Opening Invocation
  2. Deva Invocations: Earth / Fire / Water / Air
  3. Direct Line To God
  4. Bellyful Of Telephone
  5. Titi-Caca / Changing Woman
  6. People Poem (4:37)
  7. Negotiate / World Peace
  8. We Circle Around
  9. Flying Tea Dance
  10. You Are I & I Am You
  11. Heartsong

    Gong Maison Personnel

    Daevid Allen (voc/g)

    Didier Malherbe (s/fl)

    Harry Williamson (syn)

    Shyamal Maitra (tablas)

    Graham Clark (vln) - Wandana Bruce (voc/harmonium)

    Conrad Henderson (b)

Youssou N'Dour

Glastonbury Festival 1989 (BBC Transcription Service disc

  1. The Truth
  2. Fenene
  3. Immigres
  4. May Daughter (Sama Doom)
  5. Old Tucson
  6. Shakin' The Tree

Peter Gabriel Guests on some tracks

.Fela Kuti

Glastonbury Festival, England, June 1989

  1. Serene
  2. Do Right
  3. Be Good
  4. Fela introduction
  5. Overtake Don Overtake Overtake
  6. Akunakuna,
  7. Senior Brother of Parabulator
  8. ?

The Pixies

6-16-89 Glastonbury Festival

  1. Bone Machine
  2. Cactus
  3. Caribou
  4. Crackity Jones
  5. Dead
  6. Debaser
  7. Gigantic
  8. Gouge Away
  9. Hey
  10. Holiday Song
  11. I Bleed
  12. Isla De Encanta
  13. Levitate Me
  14. Mr. Grieves
  15. Monkey Gone To Heaven
  16. Nimrod's Son
  17. No. 13 Baby
  18. River Euphrates
  19. Tame
  20. There Goes My Gun
  21. Vamos
  22. Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)
  23. Where Is My Mind?

Order of acts that we know of for the 1989 festival

Friday 16th June 1989

Lucinda Williams, Throwing Muses, Pixies, Wonderstuff, All About Eve, Pierce Turner, Suzanne Vega.

Sat 17th June 1989

Youssou N'dour ( with Peter Gabriel as guest ) Bhundu Boys, Azido, Van Morrison, Fairground Attraction, Hothouse Flowers, Proclaimers, Elvis Costello, Ted Hawkins.

Sun 18th June 1989

Black Uhuru, Steve Cooney and Seamus Begley, The Waterboys, Balham Alligators.

Suzanne Vega.

6-16-89 Glastonbury Festival

  1. Solitude Standing
  2. Undertow
  3. Small Blue Thing
  4. Cracking
  5. Ironbound/Fancy Poultry
  6. Left of Center
  7. The Queen and the Soldier
  8. Pilgrimage
  9. Men in a War
  10. Luka

BBC transcription disc

Lucinda Williams

6-16-89 Glastonbury Festival

  1. Disgusted
  2. Wild & Blue
  3. Dark Side Of Life
  4. Nothin’ In Ramblin’
  5. Passionate Kisses



BBC transcription disc

Van Morrison

Fairground Attraction

Glastonbury Festival 1989
01 : The Moon Is Mine
02 : Don't Be A Stranger
03 : Dangerous
04 : The Waltz Continues
05 : Home To Heartache
06 : Perfect
07 : Watching The Party
08 : Broken By A Breeze
09 : Whispers
10 : Find My Love
11 : Moon On The Rain

All About Eve

6-16- 89 Glastonbury Festival

  1. Every Angel
  2. Candy Tree
  3. Wild Hearted Woman
  4. Gold And Silver
  5. What Kind Of Fool
  6. Tuesday's Child
  7. Martha's Harbour
  8. In The Clouds
  9. Road To Your Soul
  10. Only One Reason
  11. Flowers In Our Hair
  12. In The Meadow
  13. Paradise
  14. Our Summer
    55 mins.

Elvis Costello

( solo and with Nick Lowe, Chris Difford & Glenn Tilbrook )

Glastonbury Festival 6- 17-89
Audience recording

  1. Accidents will happen
  2. Deep dark truthful mirror
  3. Watching the detectives
  4. Any king's shilling
  5. Veronica
  6. God's comic
  7. (the angels wanna wear my) red shoes
  8. New amsterdam
  9. You've got to hide your love away
  10. American without tears
  11. Pads, paws and claws
    disc two
  12. Leave my kitten
  13. Radio sweetheart
  14. Jackie wilson said
  15. Alison
  16. Days
  17. I want you
  18. Oliver's army
  19. Let him dangle
  20. Pump it up
  21. Shipbuilding
  22. Pills and soap
  23. Tramp the dirt down



6-18-89 Glastonbury Festival

  1. On My Way to Heaven
  2. Strange Boat
  3. Girl From the North Country
  4. Bed on the Floor
  5. Maggie
  6. When Ye Go Away
  7. Billy the Kid
  8. And a Bang on the Ear
  9. Big Blue Ball
  10. The Whole of the Moon
  11. Jimmy Hickey's Waltz
  12. When Will We Be Married
  13. Good Morning Mr Custom's Man
  14. Fisherman's Blues
  15. This Land Is Your Land
  16. Further Up Further In
  17. Lost Highway


Bus at the 1987 festival © Dave Kotula


6-16-89 Glastonbury Festival

1.Goodbye Fatman
2. Unbearable
3. No For The 13th Time
4. Let's Be Other People
5. Ruby Horse
6. Don't Let Me Down, Gently
7. It Was Me
8. Room 410
9. The Animals And Me
10. Unfaithful
11. Cartoon Boyfriend
12. Give Give Give Me More More More
13. A Wish Away
14. Who Wants To Be The Disco King?
15. Astley In The Noose
16. Ten Trenches Deep
17. A Song Without An End
18. Get Together
19. Gimme Some Truth

Audience recording-the one I have heard was very trebly , there may be nore than one source as other reports quote excellent sound quality.


Sets known to exist but no set list date at present  

Photo © Ely online

Wonderstuff :6-17-89 Glastonbury Festival

Throwing Muses 6-17-89 aud tape

King of all Spaceheads:In the St. John's Ambulance Tent

The Proclaimers

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Bedford Trucks at Glasto 89

Bristol Buses at Glasto 89

Commer trucks Glasto 89

Leyland trucks ( kitted out in various interesting forms ) Glasto 89

Showmans caravan and Atkinson Glasto 89

Site view of Glasto 89

Photo © Ely online


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