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June 17-19th 1989

Hothouse Flowers,Gong Maison, Waterboys, Pixies, Van Morrison Throwing Muses,Lucinda Williams,Martin Stephenson and the Daintees,Suzanne Vega,The Pixies, Donovan, Black Uhuru,Ozric Tentacles, The Wonderstuff,Mahotella Queens,Fantastic All Stars, Screech Rock, All About Eve, Youssou N'Dour, Elvis Costello, Bhundu Boys, Fela Kuti, Hothouse Flowers,Fairground Attraction, The Proclaimers .




Gog at Glastonbury 1989.

© Traveller Dave

Main and Travellers Field Photogallery.


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Bedford buses on the field 1989 ,Solstice Morning . GFU 444D (1966) Bedford VAL14 , Plaxton Panorama ,
ex-Hudson . Horncastle 56 .© Traveller Dave

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KBP 592J (1971) BMC .ex-Ambulance © Traveller Dave


FBW 256V Clare & Mark's Bedford RL . Ex-MOD © Traveller Dave

POO 32D (1966) Tat & Bridgit's Bedford SB5 , Duple Bella Vega . Ex- Boon , Boreham © Traveller Dave

MXX 373 (1954) Guy Special . ECW body . ex-London Transport GS73 © Traveller Dave

Pay No Poll Tax !! in the window of Alan's 'Landscape Bus' © Traveller Dave

Q518 GEL Mark the Spark's Leyland Fg & Trailer © Traveller Dave

Solstice Dawn .YUL159H (1970) Bedford VAM3 . Willowbrook bdy . Ex-GLC Supplies Dept John's Petrol Bus

plus ' Poxy Dog' Martin outside his bender © Traveller Dave

Solstice Dawn .. folks on the roof of John's 'Petrol Bus ' © Traveller Dave

Gallery One
Gallery Two
Gallery Three

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