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Sept 4th 1971.

Jack Bruce and Friends. page 1:long shots .
In addition to Jack on bass .vocals and keyboards , the group featured Chris Spedding , Graham Bond , Art Theman and John Marshall . A recording of this show is available in tape trader circles.
Big thanks to Maurizio Comandini for permission to use these photographs . He is willing to trade for copies of the originals.
More Jack Bruce and Friends pix.

Close Ups 1.         Close Ups 2.   Close-ups 3. Long shots 2.

If you are a big Jack Bruce fan then check out Jack Bruce Com for more pix and Bruce info.

     I have recently obtained many photos of this show from Maurizio Comandini who was there and took over 40 stills , many of which are featured below.

Formerly Fat Harry         Roy Harper         King Crimson

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 (These pages include large photogalleries of the concert, most especially King Crimson and Jack Bruce. )

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