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The Bickershaw Programme: The Incredible String Band.

William A Murray. 
      For a long time now, the String band have been entrancing and casting spells and revelations upon minds everywhere and their recent evolution into a full scale show from a simple musical act is a worthwhile feather in the cap. They seem to be perpetually at the pinnacle of their musical development, only to strike out in yet another direction every time with natural and wonderful purpose. By now , the pantomime element in their act is firmly established as an invaluable part of their make-up and there is thus another dimension in the already multi -dimensional framework of their art. There must be very few bands who have as much talent and sincerity , so naturally contained and as much uniqueness. The serenity and grace of the Stringband and the beauty of their lyrics and their whole beingness, occupy a quiet space of their own amongst the random chaos.

     The Stringband's first lady- Likky, is developing gradually and highly into a very enchanting songstress, with a gift for delicate and beautiful music. Her song, ëSecret Temple ' is to be waited for and listened to carefully among all the other fields of song which will be going down. Whilst the Stringband master of mime ,Malcolm leMaistre ( closely challenged by Robin the Wily Wizard-  ) - is also flowering musically, his mysterious evocative songs seem older than they would appear, somehow lodged in a different period of time with a strange relevance. His song about Marco Polo , ëDown Before Cathy , ' Is a particularly good example. 
Meanwhile, Messrs Williamson, and Heron are still creating works of art, beautiful new songs. Mikeís 'Antoine ' , a song about Berlioz and Robinís ' Let the Moon Hang Low 'and his Hebridean love song are outstanding . Thereís also a great little instrumental medley written by Mike , featuring himself, Likky and Malcolm. And oh yes, the addition of the lovely Suze Watson -Taylor in a delightful stage debut with bopping be -bop vocals on Mikes magnificent  'Feast Of Stephen ' makes for a really stirring finale. 

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           The Stringband are currently working on their next album , due out about next september . They just completed a very successful tour of Norway, Denmark , Sweden and Finland ( the land of Loki ) and will be doing gigs in Germany and France soon . Their most recent musical contribution is Robinís solo album ' Myrrh' now on release.

    illustration by David Richards

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