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The Bickershaw Programme: Pacific Gas and Electric.

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    Pacific Gas  and Electric
    By Danae Brook

        Pacific Gas and Electric have been through a few changes since the band was first formed in L.A  back in 1966. Not the least of the differences is in size. Originally there were five musicians , now there are nine, the only member of the first group left being singer Charlie Allen,
        In 1966 Tom Marshall, a self-taught rhythm guitarist much influenced by Luther Tucker and Buddy Guy, started the band off in a blues vein. Freddie King, one of their idols, commented at the time that " You donít have to be in chains to sing the blues "
    But they didnít really begin to sing the blues until Charlie Allen , then veteran drummer of numerous East Coast R& B groups, joined them.   They realized he could sing and to release him from the drums so he could really get into vocals, they asked Frank Cook , then with Canned Heat, to join. In this shape they played the Whisky and Cheetah clubs and hosted a weekly Blues jam session that had people like T-Bone Walker and Pee Wee Crayton dropping in .
        Their first album with the original group " Pacific Gas and Electric ", was released in November 1969 . Charlie Allen has shortened the name to PG and E and lengthened the line up of players from five to nine . With the addition of two new singers, Alfred Gallegos , tenor and Virgil Gonsalves , baritone, plus an organ ,a trumpet, congas and timbales , the sound gets more punch and weight.
        Their latest album PG & E. released by CBS early last year , was produced by Charlie Allen and Frank Cook , with one track " One More River To Cross" produced by Delaney Bramlett of Delaney and Bonnie. The music has that exciting together sound that La Groups can hammer home top get people moving . Charlie Allenís perseverance seems to have definitely furthered Pacific Gas and Electric. 

    Alfred Galagos - tenor,
    Ken Utterback -lead Guitar
    Virgil Gonsalves - baritone.
    Ron Woods - drums
    Jerry Aiello - organ
    Joe Lala -  conga and timbales.
    Stanly Abernathy - trumpet.
    Frank Petricca - bass
    Charlie Allen - vocals

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    Updated May 2023

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