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The Bickershaw Programme: Sam Apple Pie.

       Sam Apple Pie began as a group of friends from Walthamstow London. They began to make music together about 4 years ago and started up a blues club called The Bottleneck , where they played as resident band for a year, taking the money on the door ( "we never made any bread ") and then clambering  onto the stage to deliver dem ol twelve bars and a large helping of insanity, The regular audience got to know them as friends and since they were all old buddies anyway  the atmosphere was a relaxed as the wildest party .
"  We have a laugh " said Sam 
" we like to break down the barriers and have a good time ourselves as well as the audience "
During that wintry power strike , SAP found themselves stuck in a club with no electricity , so they began an improvised set of various obscene songs 
" we were just running out of material when the power came back on " 
With their kind of chemistry they'll never run out of material cos' even when the music stops the clowning continues. They'll be laying down the tracks for their new album in the week prior to their appearance at this festival. Most of it will be original material  to which they all contribute, but there might chuck in an old R& B number maybe a Chuck Berry . Nice to see they don't forget their roots. 
  • Front cover
  • Back cover
  • America
  • Brinsley Schwarz
  • Brotherhood of Breath
  • Captain Beefheart
  • Captain Beyond
  • Cheech and Chong
  • Country Joe.
  • Donovan
  • Dr John 
  • Family
  • Flaming Groovies
  • Grateful Dead.
  • Hawkwind
  • Jonathon Kelly
  • Linda Lewis.
  • Incredible String Band
  • Neophonic Orchestra
  • New Riders.
  • Pacific Gas and Electric 
  • Stackridge
  • Al Stewart
  • The Kinks.
  • Joes Lights 
  • Mike Westbrook
    Pancho Barnes -Lead guitar.
    Snake ( ex dirty legs ) Johnson ? Slide /second guitar
    Lee Baxter Hayes Jnr ? drums
    Sam "Tomcat " Sampson- vocals /harmonica
    Dog Renny ? bass ( and ex-tea taster )

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    Updated May 2023

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