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  The aftermath.
Below we detail the grim financial consequences of allowing around 20.000 people in for free when you only have an audience of 50,000 in the first place.

Article from unknown music paper the week after Bickershaw.
60,000 Pound loss
claims festival organiser.

Once again the pop festival has failed to be solved.

          Last weekends event at Bickershaw has been pronounced a total success in every respect -except bread and weather. 

         Organiser Jeremy Beadle  reckons that there will be a 60 thousand pound loss when everything has been totalled up and worked out. 

            And he blames about 20,000 fans who breached security  arrangements and got in without paying.Up to 60,000 attended the three day event and ticket takings were around 60.000 pounds.

         But Beadle stated that double this amount was needed for the festival to break even. Everyone involved would be paid in full however as a consortium of local businessmen had guaranteed the necessary 120,000 pounds 

          Tory Mp Jerry Wiggin, whose night assemblies bill seems unlikely to progress much further during this session of parliament should have been present at Bickershaw during the weekend.

             He would have found very little to complain about because 99% of those present behaved in what is described as an "exemplary " fashion despite the miserably cold and windy  conditions  accompanied  by heavy rain. 

        Thirty two people were busted on drug charges and 16 Hells Angels roaming around outside the site were rounded up by the police and charged with a breach of the peace. Otherwise it was peaceful and a lot of fun for most of those who were there. 


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