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The Bickershaw Programme: New Riders Of The Purple Sage.

New Riders at Bickershaw .

  Just as the old lady exclaimed " What arrows I didn't even see the Indians ?", so you may ask ,whatever happened to the Old Riders Of The Purple Sage ? Well they disappeared into the sunset of the New Delhi river, whose currents run far back among the land of the dead. Which being translated means , some of these guys have been with each other a long time and at various stages of various ages have  hung out with various sages such as Jerry Garcia
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  •   The New Riders toured the states with the Dead for three months at the end of last year , but their associations go back a lot further . Dave Nelson , the groups lead guitarist was in a folk group back in 62 which included the Dead's lyricist Bob Hunter and senor Garcia hisself on banjo . He moved on to Big Brother for a while and then split to form the New Delhi River Band which was soon to includeDave Torbert as its bass player.  John "Marmaduke"  Dawson the third original New Rider  was also in the New Delhi band for a short spell and had also been around the Dead in the mid sixties. Any further delving  into the maze of threads that entwine them is guaranteed  to drive you madder than a chameleon on loco weed.  Suffice ti to say that when Garcia started to get into pedal steel in 69. he linked up with these three and raised a storm in Palo Alto . Since then nearly all the Dead have filled a New Riders seat at one time or another , but Jerry and ex Dead drummer Mickey Hart were the only ones on their first album which co-featured ex Airplane Spencer Dryden, now gigging as a resident .

      Their new album Powerglide, is due out on Friday before they play here and as well as new pedal steel man Buddy Cage ( Garcia's kept pretty busy elsewhere) it includes guest spots by Nicky Hopkins on piano, Bill Kreutzmann on drums and good ole JG back on banjo and piano. Dim the lights I've just said hello to Mary Lou who was doing the hand jive with Willie. If that don't make sense you'll have to buy the album . Crafty move. 

    I don't need no doctor ? 

    John Dawson -Vocals Guitar.
    Dave Nelson -Vocals/lead guitar
    Dave Torbert- Vocals/bass guitar
    Buddy Cage- pedal steel and dobro
    Spencer Dryden -drums.

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