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The BickershawProgramme: Hawkwind.

   Just lately Hawkwind have been getting more and more involved with science fiction and Michael Moorcock. Their three vocalists sing and chant lines which are often based on sounds as much as the words of sci-fi freak lyricist Bob Calvert. 

  With the success of their last album "In search of space "- its sold 27,000 already - the business is expecting them to do a tour . But Hawkwind have their own calendar of events. First in line is a very theatrical space opera, which will need careful palnning and permission from the large venues. 

  They are involved with Barney Bubbles and all the best people from Ladbrooke Grove and the Gate and hope to make a film of the space opera. 
Their following has reached cult proportions and over in Paris , Salvador Dali is a great fan . 

  The straight music press coverage on Hawkwind has been pretty minimal but it seems a lot of their fans don't read those papers anyway . They pack out the venues, demand encores and bring both albums in to be signed. 

  Its encouraging, because it takes a lot of energy to keep a working band on the road. Especially with the continual aggravations and expenses. They've designed a mind blowing lightshow, but can't  save enough to get it operational.And every police force in the land seems to be dying to bust them,invading the dressing rooms and setting up roadblocks after gigs .

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         The group are avoiding this all years festivals apart from Bickershaw . Ideally they reckon the mass energy of head festival is what they need to ignite their space rocket trip.

         As far as future recording goes they are very happy with the llive sound at Rockfield studios near Monmouth. Hawkwind always make their albums dead cheap , into the studio and out again and the one in progress could be their best yet. 

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