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9-11th March 2007 .Botanic Park. Adelaide.

Stage One Sunday March 11th 3:15 pm

The Waifs .

"Our Spirit walks with

you "

Kev Carmody.

     Not the first time at Womadelaide for De Waifs .Their status has grown tremendously since their 2003 perfomances and they are now almost an Australian institution. They are an easy to listen to band, but their mellow front hides a poignancy and grittiness that is at times, quite moving . In particular, when the girls write about matters close to the heart, such as their ode to their Mother " Gillian " and " One More Year " that chronicles the difficulites in survival of their salmon fisher father's business, then they move up to a different level.

Kev onstage with the Waifs © James Mellor (visit his Flickr site for more great Womadelaide 2007 pix )

    On a cloudy afternoon , the Waifs gave it their best shot and prospered, the crowd was on their side and there was a great feeling in the air. So when Kev Carmody strode onstage to help them deliver an unrehearsed version of his iconic song, " From Little Things Big Things Grow" there was more then a little magic in the air. By the time the group had finished and as we sang along with the memorable chorus, most of us had tears in our eyes and more than a few lumps in our throats.

Thanks to Desdemona for the photos



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