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9-11th March 2007 .Botanic Park. Adelaide.


    Lunasa were one of my fave bands in 2007 , funny, entertaining and superlative musicians . They were certainly Ianto's favourite male act, as he took a huge number of photos of them onstage !

The organisers had advertised Lunasa as an Adelaide premiere, but they had performed previously to about 40 people at the Governor Hndmarsh in 2001,fortunately this Womadelaide debut was a bit more successful for them .

Heres just a few of them on three stages -large, middling and small.

Stage One :Friday 9th March 8:15 pm


All Photos © Ianto F

Morton Bay Stage: Workshop Saturday 10th March 1:00pm.






Stage Two .Saturday 5:00pm.



Lunasa's website


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