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9-11th March 2007 .Botanic Park. Adelaide.

Salif Keita .

     The return of the little master from Mali , after a gap of eight years ( not 14 , as announced by the compere as Salif hit the stage- this was his THIRD Womadelaide visit , not his second, he first performed at the festival in 1993 ) was an artistic triumph. In fact Salif seemed more upbeat and communicative with the crowd than I have ever seen him, striding around the stage, exhorting the crowd to respond, screaming into his mic on occasions, he seemed upbeat and , apart from a short interlude where he dismissed his band and , alone apart from his two female backing vocalists, and accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, he regaled us with several acoustic pieces, this was the driving, dynamic Salif of 1993 ( although minus the horn section, which to my mind, was his most dynamic band ever ) . 1999 had been a great performance too, but was more laid back, mystic and trancelike.

   The audience loved every minute, the band was totally hot and the front of stage area was packed for Womad (where its nearly always possible to arrive at the last minute and get a decent position down the front ) I went to get a space 40 minutes before the start of the show and I could not get a spot to sit in, had to stand and my feet were killing me by the time the set started, danced off the pain though as Salif performed his usual magic .........

Beooooootiful mate !

Partial set list :     ,Calculer , , Sumun,

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