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Last updated Feb 2013- new copies of 1974 Freeps One to five

Windsor Free Festival.

Free press issues 1973-74

Reading these newsletters now the reader may be struck by the naivety ,degree of optimism, anger, idealism ,prejudice and diversity of ideas expressed by the writers.

We have claims of sexism on the part of the males, females rightly objecting to being called " chicks" , cases of attempted rape and sexual harrassment, police malpractice, disagreement as to the direction that should be taken on occasions as well as the festival attendees taking the law into their own hands and seeing the police off the premises on occasions .

The newsletters are probably the best mirror of the spirit shown by those who helped organise the festivals as well as an invaluable guide to the progress of the festivals and how and when events took place.

Thanks to the late Roger Hutchinson , Ken Horne ,David Gwynn Jones, Mac MacDhomhnuil and Brian F for preserving these documents and making them available to The Archive. Some of these were originally transcriptions from the originals, as they were almost unreadable !

However we now have a complete set of ( mostly )readable documents , lovingly patched and cleaned by up our tame Photoshop fiend, The Great White Shark .

Printing the Freep .

Photo © Roger Hutchinson.

Windsor Freep 1973
Windsor Freek Press 1974
Number 1
Sunday 26th Aug 1973
Number 2
Monday 27th Aug 1973
Number 3
Day Four

Number 4

Thursday 30th Aug 1973
Number 5
Number 6

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