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Freek Press 30th August 1973

We are entrenched on a cavalry training ground, WINDSOR, HELP?? FREEDOM = DISCIPLINE .

HERE and NOW, we are 'together , we are very happy, contrary to the suppressed monopolised mass media reports. This community is becoming more organised and more self-reliant. It takes a pebble to start a landslide, RIGHT. The pebble was rolled on Saturday 25th. The landslide has begun. The camp has supplied itself with free food and everything else to live happily.
Wednesday 29th is "Ann's OOPS', a new date for history, this cavalry training ground has been declared a liberated zone, which realises the communal tribal structure existing here and NOW. Ideas have started to be connected together for next years happening. FUCK. The community here has established itself for good. We’re here to stay.This public peoples park is now our home HQ. We've claimed our land and were not going to allow the police to evict us from our new home.

Celebrate our new home, we are pronouncing a public holiday for all on the first two days of September. This weekend has been got together in order to stage a rally against repression' to demonstrate against senseless invasion of peoples privacy by numerous searches and a constant roadblock' designed to cut off our lifeline. This weekend will combine the fun of a festival and the power of political demonstration. `
We need people here to boost numbers and to defend our property, united we stand, divided we fall. We're at war for love and peace - we desperately need help as the people of this festival we ask every organisation to offer us food, structures, equipment and the bare necessities.
Now that this site has been officially liberated by the people, we have the right of any other human community to demand running water, electricity, a telephone and a regular postal service. Our address is Windsor Free, Cavalry Training, Ground, Windsor Great Park.
Please send mail to keep up the communications to unite us as one. Our job and meaning in life is to create heaven on earth. .

HEAVEN - OPEN , HELL = SHUT OFF. Let US open ourselves to the light, we are all brothers and sisters under our father the SUN.
SUN POWER the indestructible. .
The first commandment is love GOD. The second is love thy neighbour.
We will build our FOUNDATIONS on this rock, and cause a ripple Evolution, that will cause the stars, glory, joy.
We hope to combine the basic socialist life we have here with some relevant political imagination to get some form of structure which can be depicted as a statement from the people. We can get together our thoughts and use the press who have come to this festival to write sensationalism, to print up positive reasons and the politics behind the new life ideals.
We ask any political or community organisations to come and join us !
The greatest evolution is by example.
Imagination = GOD
Do the birds not sing in glory of the morning?
Do the bees not hum with delight in heat?
Do butterflies not shimmer in blessing of light? Do we not see by our ego stupidity, the simplicity.

This is the religion of common sense (common sensitivity).
Anyway love from us all, wish you were here- CUM
PS. It's been a hard day's night and we've been working like a dog
It's been a hard day's night but we've made it