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Transcript of Windsor Free press .

issue: Sunday 26 August 73

In case you have not noticed there are NO BOGS and NO WATER on this site.
Is there anyone to dig a trench? Otherwise use the woodland , or walk to Virginia Water.

WATER: Can people with large containers – such as bottles or plastic cans - put thenm on the pile near the information tent. There’s a constant need for trucker to keep trucking the water, as there is no other supply nearby until the fire truck arrives.

All donations to help the Festival, to the information tent. Though this is a free festival – it still needs money for the BUST FUND, paper, costs of generators and many other expenses.
People who are good at things should leave their name at the info tent.

MILK: Don’t buy milk or anything else that is overpriced. Someone has been selling milk at 15p this morning. It is not normally more than 6p. Festival price is now 1p. it has been suggested you rip off anyone who behaves differently about prices.

RUBBISH: It’s both healthier for all of us and better in the eyes of those no interested, nor friendly to the Festival, eg, the meanies – to make tidy piles of rubbish. Some of it can be recycled too. Save those containers for water or put them on the pile by the info tent, to be returned – the money can be used on the Fest…. Are there any drivers to take them to the pubs when they open?

READING FESTIVAL: Audience cut drastically not only by almost prison conditions but also by the existence of this Windsor Free Peoples Fest, you all count and rule your lives but still pull together to help each other – unmolested. Rumour has it that that they can’t sell the ticketsat Reading now.
Please do not remove containers from the piles.

THE INFORMATION TENT: Is the clear plastic tent, fronted by tables, next to the candy strip tent, open the road side of the field. For important & emergency info only. People who get lost can meet there or anywhere else they choose, for that matter. Suggest you make such arrangements just in case you get split from your friends. The INFO TENT IS NOT A CRASH PAD. Those who can offer sleeping space can go to the Info Tent and explain location for those needing a sleep.

BANDS AT PRESENT HERE include Pink Fairies, Half Human Band, Stormbringer, Raw Sienna, Wooden Lion, playing approximately in that order. Budgie are here but don't want to play! Andy Dunkley is the DJ. Tony Andrews, who loaned a PA seems to have split, so its down to groups now using mostly their own gear that along with the other hustles, is undoubtedly causing the delays between bands.

VIRGINIA WATER: Earlier you heard "speeches"from Ian Jones(?) and Bill Dwyer on whether to move to Virginia Water. Some comments on that; it seems a bit far fetched to move when the music is staying here. But anyone who wants to move there 4 mile walk has better facilities; swimming and blocks of bogs among them. These are the nearest to the site, unless we can get a squad together to dig some trenches. And if everyone helps out, this site need not be a sewer. Also, what with people with trucks, etc, in tents and gear to move? Will make it difficult to move as an ordered mass. Without that the meanies can have fun and games busting people, which Release believes a move will incur in greater numbers. Whatever the issue depends on solidarity and working together and helping each other out. Theres a vote around lunchtime and the majority will decide.

Acidia light show stand, note the sign about voting to move to Virginia water.

BUSTS Anyone busted will be at court on Monday at llam or 5.30pm, yet to be decided. The police say there will be no bail. If you know anyone busted give their name to Release and we can give them a message.

BUSTFUND: At the beginning of the festival several people were busted for putting up tents, obstructing police and assault. Originally the police hoped to stop any tents going up and these few people made the whole thing possible 5 of them were fined £5 and 1, £50 for assault. We've got a bust fund at Release to pay some of the fines. Donations to Release.

YeIlowBrown Microdot.……………………...a lot of bummers,steer clear of it.
Pink Microdot.......…………………………....mixed reports;not recommended.
Blue Microdot......………………………….....We need information on this, come to Release at far end of site.
Green Microdot.....…………………………....a mixed bunch,but not too many problems.
White tab with a groove……………………...very strong.possibly high speed content.Suggest half tab for average tripper.
Smoke..................……………………… …….no information.Would appreciate reports on
Quantity and quality.
Don't mess around with speed or downers. Never mix downers with alcohol.

HARP: Who can be found some distance behind stage with Fox lites and Wooden Lion, are selling copies of Celebration (present edition of HARP's Street Sheet) and Socialist Worker. Also free peace leaflets.Sorryl no more Peace News or IT.
After battles with the meanies throughout the week, the people of this free area have not only won the rights to camp and have free music but also after a struggle yesterday, in which the police ran down two people, they have been cleared from the site - BY our solidarity. However, be warned that they are still along the road and may hustle or search you when and if you leave. Keep cool. No violence, call for your comrades help and see Release.

Peoples Daily: This paper,envisaged as a daily bulletin has been put together by Paper Tiger of Harrow in conjunction with HARP of Havering. We, those people are not the organisers, but may be seen as one part of the cool operative effort in getting this peoples festival on.
Without your help, contributions, news and donations to buy more paper as necessary, Sorry there's not been anything to date -its only just come together for us. Any help Info.Tent, Paper Tiger or HARP(both the latter behind stage area

Thanks to Roger Hurchinson for the transcript.


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