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Day Four
Weather forecast: getting drier and sunnier, which is all the more reason not to go. It should last all week too. The rain last night was only the logical conclusion to a very hot period.
The Festival continues- generator disco is working, bands (inc Global Village) are arriving.
The Site- is OK, but it is important that we get together around the stage. We go on ( we voted to stay here). We've proved that we can do it all through the rain, including the stage and PA 'Many thanks to the people who made last night, overcoming incredible dangers) As we get fewer more of us must participate in providing the essential services - please do this through the Info Tent.
Deal with any cops as a group
Looks like 90ish people have been busted and given heavy fines, some just for roaches/traces. We were prepared for busts but not on this scale.- Dope is just a means by which they can get at us .
As the political aspects of the Festival (i.e. the anti-dope law campaign) have so far been only in the background, the aims- the communal living,, living close to the land, living by sharing, and getting high - are possible and necessary should be made more explicit.
Therefore, at the Press Conference at noon will be announced at a rally against repression here for next weekend, whatever happens in the mean time. We will invite political groups and bands, and try to get as many people as possible down here, to make our point as strongly as we can.

Anyone who needs help, food, water: contact, the Children of God, Bell Tent behind band near road. We love you.
Will Paul and Pat Bryden, ex of Ketford Arts Lab, please remember to write to HARP, c/o Paul, 68 Caetellan Ave., Cidea Park, Romford, Ex.
'Those interested in a meeting concerning planned concert on Upminster Common in Essex should see Roger behind the stage at the Tonibell truck at 3pm.
If anyone has any idea towards the organisation of next weekend' Rally Against Repression or is prepared to put some work in organising this event will they please come to the spray painted van (Windsor Freep) where they will be co-ordinated and we can get some names of people to form a nucleus.


These past few days at Windsor have seen the tribe that has been growing steadily since the time of Phun City, Glastonbury, Trentishoe et al, coming together in a further celebration of life and freedom. The tribe grows daily, bands and families turning up from all parts of the country, and returning to spread the word. It may come down to our barricading ourselves behind a wall of (their) plastic and mineral garbage and shooting, out volleys of frisbees, but we're here, we're staying, we're growin. That's evolution.
* nutopia- (from John and Yoko). state of the brotherhood of man, recognising no national boundaries or artificially imposed lines over our beautiful planet. Whole earth people's power.

At the moment we have only got one disco. If anyone can mobilise a disco, it would help the XENOLITH crew to get a day's rest.
Son of our Father God the Sun, Light in our Darkness, Power and Glory. Born Cyprus 1960. Love Hope.

Best buy around - Indonesian hand-made Batik (wax dye) clothes. Behind Info Tent. "Live and Let Die".
-This newsletter is also an invitation to organisations, bands individuals to come along and participate in the anti-Repression Rally, weekend Sat. 1st - 2nd September.

Put together by HARP in conjunction with Paper Tiger.
Your contributions and help invited; typing, production, etc.
Especially as some of our present workers have now to split for other commitments or to organise for this festival, elsewhere.
STOP PRESS- CARO- the Cannabis Action Reform Organisation needs bread and ideas. Contact: CARO, Mark Eaton' 65 Edith Grove, London' SW10.
Info Tent working 24 hrs a day need speed, volunteers, etc.