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Monday 27 August 1973

The Meanies are back in plain clothes on the site-and busting people so take care.There are also lots still along the road.Whatever,again take great care,especially off the site,because it seems da cops are generally trying to make it as nasty as possible.They've busted loads of people over the last couple of days . Some people are also selling either"grass" which turns out to be herbs or acid which turns out to be plastic.And they still get busted.One guy held for a day and a half while Police analysed substances.Those busted are in court from lOam.,today so friends and witnesses are asked to show solidarity.


After the majority decided to remain on this site yesterday it is important that we continue to cooperate- helping those without a place to sleep sharing food and cleaning up litter. Litter is dangerous and unhealthy so please collect it in tidy piles.please don’t break the bottles if you can help it-some of them are usable or returnable.Besides broken glass is evil..if the mess is'nt controlled as much as possible then the music can't go on .
Windsor seems to be going very quickly dry since our arrival. Not much food about either.A lot of places will not serve those they suspect are "Festival Goers!''Good one that does: is The Wellington-really sympathetic and friendly.Also a tap, and a double decker(?)bog in the municipal Car park in town.If you’re polite the car park attendant is friendly too.

BOGS:Still down to use of natural resources but please ,keep it tidy.Said to be a few bogs oh site like one near RELEASE.
Drivers still continually needed at Info Tent to truck water and other resources.The fire truck does not seem to have arrived out survival is dependent on volunteer drivers.

PORTSMOUTH FESTIVAL There are notices in various places about a Fest.-Emsworth Free Fest ,Sept.15-16.Groups wanting to play see Nigel behind stage ,or' tel.Emsworth 3636 after Wednesday.(HARP are interested..........)
Meanies activity such that-50' people busted. All this combined with all the ripping off,that seems to be going on,could break up our festival if we're not careful. Don't let it happen, lets all co-operate like we did not long ago in our struggles.We are just as much brothers and'sisters as when we came.Let's all share-and not rip each other off~we get enough of that from other quarters. And there should be,no room for hustling here.

Running Order:

at present something like-Fission, Cold River Lady, Rupert Herries & Kork , Hurdy Gurdy. Not many other bands at least at back of stage .
Those wanting or expecting to play must come to the back of the stage.

Wooden Lion enjoyed playing at the dome last night . Vineyard also put in a good set ,and hope to play again today.

Sorry running order unknown at Dome today -they were all crashed out when we tried to find out. Please tell us for tomorrow.

Urgent that Laura Tania meet Mary at Release Tent.Also that owner collects- 2 cats from there-an Abysinnian and a Persian.Their present guardian wants to split to London.
Donations and help to info.centre.N'ed money for such as free food,especially as 26 ripped off last night.


Backstage area at Windsor 1973 .

Release seem to be main source of information at far end of field.
Peace Pledge Union display and entertainment at dome. :
Milk needs liberating again.Someone is charging excess again.
Water supplies seem to have moved to far end of field, past Release Tent.
Four column inches in yesterday's Observer “Angry Hippies Pelt Police" Suggest you hunt it out and read it rather than plagiarise it here. .....
Roger(Harp) assures us he's just woken up. It must be obvious-we’re running out of news.We're useless unless you all bring it into info tent ,or HARP :/Fox Lites or Paper Tiger/Xenolith behind stage area.
Once again instant street press raises its free head,this time and for the moment co-ordinated and put together by HARP Paper Tiger. Limited resources mean we can only afford lOOO copies a day,so please PASS YOUR COPY ON WHEN YOU'VE FINISHED READING.Please bring us your news for your Peoples Daily.
HARP would like a copy of yesterdays edition,just for the record,if any-ones still got a copy.Forgot to save one here.
Our council don't know it yet but hope to have a free Fest.on Upminster Common in Havering Sept- Oct.. Anyone interested in playing or helping out please see Roger or Paul of HARP 'or tel. Paul Rom.45646 or Dave Rom.23804 later in the week.