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Madeley, Newcastle-under-Lyme,
May 23rd and 24th 1970.

 Hollywood - The Way We Were:

Pt 3.
Birth of British Pop Festivals.
   It was 7:15 am when Jacqui Goodwin and four pals set off from Cheadle get to the second day of the music festival. They caught the PMT bus to Newcastle and hitched the rest of the way to Farmer Ted Askey's farm where thousands of like minded fans had already gathered.
Those far of days were relatively danger free for girls embarking on such an adventure . Jacqui remembers them getting into a transit van about five miles outside Madeley.
"Three lads in the front of the van told us we could have a lift to the site. We opened the back door of the van to find it was full of more lads.  We didn't think of any danger then . We sat together in a corner of the van until we got to the site. We only went to the festival on the Sunday . I took packed lunches everywhere so we would have taken sandwiches with us. We were back home in Cheadle by 8;30 that night .I remember knocking on somebody's door at Madeley because I wanted to use the toilet. I wouldn't use the toilets on the site as they were so awful. We walked from the Festival site to Newcastle and got a PMT bus back home ."
  Jacqui  still lives in Cheadle and keeps in regular contact with her festival pals. Elaine Thornhill  and Glenys Corkery , Barbara Wilson and Jane Preston .
" I remember Free singing All Right Now , we all thought it was a great record "says Jacqui
Barbara chips in
"We all wanted to see Free. We thought  they were so different from other groups . The festival was something we had never experienced before, It was overwhelming to see so many people and to think it was so near our homes.
I remember tie dying my T-shirt at Gleny's house when we knew we were going to the festival. We thought we were really "it" . We never thought about drugs or anything like that then."
Glenys remembers,
"We sat round and listened to the groups . We had to get back to Newcastle in time to catch the bus to Cheadle. We weren't hippies , but we dressed for the event . The atmosphere was calm and happy, there was no violence, it was quite peaceful. We'd led a sheltered life here in Cheadle, after the festival we thought we had been out and seen everything .
The nearest thing we'd seen to it was groups like Slade and Love Affair at Alton Towers. We enjoyed the festival so much that we decided to go to the Bath Blues Festival the next following month . We camped out and stayed for the week there."
Jane sums up the festival with the word
"Brilliant . We were very, very young, but we felt completely safe. The whole experience was  brilliant the atmosphere was tremendous. It was like an adventure, we'd never done anything like that before. My parents were so protective but they'd let me go as there were five of us together and we were sensible. The drugs aspect never entered out minds- we were very naive in those days. We just wanted to listen to the bands and have fun. "

Hollywood  1970                                      The girls today.

L to r Barbara Wilson, Elaine Thornhill,
Glenys Corkery and Jacqui Goodwin. photo Jane Preston.

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Many thanks go to Garry Marsh for his fantastic archival material which has enabled us to construct most of the site. Also to Martin Williams for his oral history and colour photo of the stage and site ,Simon Phillips for all the Grateful Dead archival material and Bob Colover for the film footage .

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