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The Tibetan Ukranian Mountain Troupe.

Encounters with TUMT....
Colin sent us his memories of the Tibetans
    I was really into these type of gatherings in the 1980's and look back on them with great fondness and long for those type of events again but as well all know society/Uk is a different place now and many people have moved on.

I am from the North East of England and have been to Stonehenge 83,84 and attended the 3 festivals in Nenthead, close to Alston in 82,83,84. The festivals were in Cumbria and they were excellent. The 1982 event was "The Blue Moon Festival" - I think you have a picture of this one on your web page. The 1983 festival was "Green Moon gathering" both the 82 and 83 festivals were held at Pry House, Nenthead, Alston and the 1984 festival was "Silver Moon Festival" which was held at a different site further into the hills at Haggs bank Farm, near Alston.

   The 82 and 83 festivals had the Tibetans etc and I think Nik Turner and others. The Tibetans had their blue and white marquee but in 84 they had the larger marquee with a trapeze type swing with a kitchen area attached. These were great events, however, the 84 festival had a different feel about it, harder drugs being openly on sale and as a result the locals got a bit freaked and as far as I am aware that was the last of the Cumbria festivals.

    I was always interested in the Tibetans and my memories of what they used to perform and the people surrounding them used to interest me. I would have longed to travel with them etc but that was wishful thinking on my part at the time. You may be able to inform me but what has happened to them? Did they stop the UK festival circuit when the Criminal Justice Act came in around the 1980/90's? Were their vehicles smashed up by the police in the 85 Stonehenge Riot when our wonderful british bobbies smashed the living daylights out of the convoy heading to Stonehenge? Do they still head over to Europe each Winter? Would be great if you could e mail me back and update me what they got up to in the 90's and what they are doing now? I know at one point they went under the name Tibetan Ukranian Family- any updates most welcome.
    Just one last point the Tibetans played music and put on performances at the Cumbria festivals under the Wystic Mankers. I have some photos of them still camping on the land about 2 weeks after the 83 festival and I have some pics of the 84 festival but not on my pc.

find out what the Tibetans are doing nowadays by visiting their jolly forum The Camp Fire


Books of the Road and other oddities ....

Book of the Rd 1982 PT1


Were you there? Did you ever encounter the Tibetans in performance ?

If so , we want to hear from you , send recollections, press cuttings , photos etc,Contact us if you can help.

Visit the C Is For Dog web site and investigate the Wystic Mankers recordings for sale within.

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