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The Wystic Mankers.

The Wystic Mankers at the Stonehenge Free Festival in 1983.

© Janet Thompson

The Wystic Mankers at the Blue Moon Festival Cumbria in 1982. More Wystics pix on the Blue Moon pages .....

© Janet Thompson

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    "As often happens an hour after three o’clock, came four o’clock and time for a band practice . We set up the equipment on the stage in the marquee but hump as we might it would not collapse as it had some hours previously, and so we played .
    And played and played . It was beautifully weird with lots of rhythm and discord . We dug it and it worked . We finished and noticed that the faire just about had too !"

From the Tibetan Book fo The Road 1981, describing a Wystic Mankers performance .....

    The Wystic Mankers were the anarchic and occasionally wonderful house band of the esteemed performing artistes The Tibetan Ukranian Mountain Troupe . The band was generally composed of members of the Troupe itself, with guests like Nik Turner sitting in if they happened to be around . We suppose they might be likened to the Anonymous Artists of America, who played with the Pranksters in the states during the Acid tests, except that the Mankers were actually proficient on their instruments . However, the Mankers , like the Pranksters, generally went " with the flow " and much of their music was spontaneous and acid drenched , perhaps literally as well as in its atmospherics and tone.

   Of course , any band that plays primarily improvised music skates close to the edge, and the Wankers were no exception, when it worked, it was wonderful and when it didn't , well there was always the next gig .....

   We present here , for yr perusal, what cover art and photographs we have scrounged from various sources on ye net. The Wystics were a band who never played conventional venues and who cropped up again and again when music was needed to provide a soundtrack for the moment . The few recordings that survive can be purchased from the mysterious C is For Dog records and we would like our readers to go forth in multitudes and to propel the Mankers to the top of the charts, thus providing them with a comfortable living in their old age and improving the musical content of the current charts by about 95% !


Courtesy Igor Malaprop


Courtesy Igor Malaprop


Courtesy Igor Malaprop

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Book of the Rd 1982 PT1

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